Extreme Wrestling Legends: Public Enemy

- 57:44

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Never before has a pro wrestling tag team captured the hearts of fans at the famous ECW wrestling arena in South Philly until Flyboy Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge formed the tag team The Public Enemy...the true Extreme Originators. The Public Enemy's debut in the early 90's blazed a path for unique characters with personality, as they changed the landscape of professional wrestling with their unconventional in-ring antics. The only thing The Public Enemy loved more than beating their opponents bloody, was hip hop music and having fun with the fans. The Public Enemy enamored fans Worldwide with their wild brawling style, mixed with a myriad of foreign objects, the inclusion of wood tables, and their parade-type celebrations. Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge were the first stars of ECW that gained mainstream status by subsequently signing with WCW. After Vince McMahon and the WWE purchased ECW out of bankruptcy, Steve Karel the former general manager of Extreme Championship Wrestling began to promote his own brand of Extreme wrestling events. The Public Enemy and other extreme legends wrestled for Karel under his banner, and other acquired promotions. Relive the very dangerous "Steel Chair Shower Incident 2" when the Public Enemy asked fans to help, as they answered by throwing their own steel chair into the ring showering Public Enemy and Rotten Brothers. Watch hundreds of steel chairs rain down in the ring, as the bloodied wrestlers lie helpless --something you would never see on television. The Public Enemy proved that big men can wrestle and fly too, as Flyboy Rocco Rock would climb to the top rope to hit his moonsault and signature finisher the "drive by". Violence, and brutality was the norm for The Public Enemy. Not only opponents would be lacerated during fights, but Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge's own skin would be torn from the intensity of unprotected chair shots, as both tag teams would need medical attention, sometimes even before the matches ended!