Extreme Wrestling Legends: Rob Van Dam & Raven

- 57:49

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The Original Feud. ECW and the extreme wrestling genre gave the ultimate platform to mega talented wrestlers Rob Van Dam and Raven, allowing them to develop and excel in front of a rabid fanbase at the ECW Arena in South Philadelphia. Their performances radiated through tape trading, regional television, and National Pay Per View. In the mid-nineties, RVD and Raven dove deep into their creative characters with their presentation of over-the-top violence that changed pro wrestling forever. Rob Van Dam aka Mr. Monday Night, could be biggest mainstream star that ECW ever produced. RVD is an athletic high flyer and can go head to head with anyone, and is still one of the most prolific wrestlers in the world to this day. He has even starred in significant action theatrical films. Raven rivals Rob Van Dam's popularity with his twisted, depraved side of mental and physical torment. Raven has no respect for a society that sickens him with disgust, as he turns his rage into physical, decapitating violence. Raven's genius starts with mental warfare, gaining entry to the mind of his enemy, as he strikes with an unmistakable evil violence. After Extreme Championship Wrestling closed operations in early 2000's, it was sold to Vince McMahon and the WWE. Former ECW general manager Steve Karel promoted his own extreme style pro wrestling shows and acquired other hardcore wrestling promotions featuring Rob Van Dam and Raven, before these underground stars left for the mainstream. Rob Van Dam and Raven have loyal followings worldwide as fans support these extreme legends in action today. Respect is paid to these men who put their bodies on the line, match after match --for an industry they helped shape. Both extreme warriors use their own physical and mental arsenals to outwit and destroy their opponents --even if it means a trip to the emergency room. Each man carries their torn muscles, broken bones, and scarred skin as memories of their battles in professional wrestling history.