Extreme Wrestling Legends: The Violent Sabu

- 57:20

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Filmed at the legendary ECW Arena in South Philly, these historic wrestling matches chronicle the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal, madman --SABU! Sabu is one of the most polarizing characters in pro wrestling history. Sabu and the extreme hardcore wrestlers of the 90's changed the face of professional wrestling with their insane antics, and acts of brutal violence that have never been duplicated! After Extreme Championship Wrestling dissolved, it was purchased by Vince McMahon and the WWE out of bankruptcy in early 2000's. Sabu, Raven, Sandman, The Public Enemy, New Jack, Rob Van Dam, and many others wrestled for Steve Karel, the former general manager of Extreme Championship Wrestling under his own extreme style wrestling events in the United States, along with other hardcore wrestling promotions he acquired. Sabu is acrobatic and cutting edge with his unorthodox style of combat. He is truly legendary with tales of super gluing his torn flesh and jaw shut, and broken bones held together by duct tape. Sabu left nothing on the table, just bodies through them. All the stories are true! Witness standing room arenas as extreme legends Jerry Lynn, Al Snow, and Pitbull Gary Wolf take Sabu to the limit. No ring, arena, or wrestling commission held these men back. Nothing stands in their way from broken tables, steel chairs, security guardrails, to fighting in and through the audience, right out into the streets. These hardcore men beat their opponents to a bloody pulp, and punished their own bodies in the process! Sabu is a man of few words, his charisma and athleticism shines through his arsenal of destructive moves... "Air Sabu", "Arabian Facebuster", "Springboard Moonsault", "Somersault Plancha", and "The Triple Jump Moonsault". Even after all these years, legions of fans travel hundreds, and thousands of miles --some as far as Japan, to witness the extreme wrestling icon Sabu. Now you too can own this unique and never-to-be repeated piece of wrestling history!