Satan's Wife

- 87:44

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Four young and beautiful women join a Satanic cult surrendering their will and bodies entirely to the Devil himself. Years later when they're older women, Carlotta, starts to lose control of her 13 year old daughter Daria, who starts to develop strong powers of her own, aware of her powers and with extreme devotion to The Devil she starts speaking and behaving in strange ways like casting spells and harming people with no remorse whatsoever. And her powers seem to increase exponentially every single day. In her desperation, Carlotta and some of her friends enlist the help of a priest with a crisis of faith to help them perform a strange ritual that will hopefully vanquish the evil out of Daria once and for all. A rare and sought after Italian psychotronic horror classic that features some of the strangest ever shot on film. Filled with sexy bodies, blood, gore bizarre visuals and odd rituals.