60 Minutes Australia

60 Minutes Australia - Dolly Parton

This 1986 interview with Dolly Parton delves into her latest business venture: Dollywood, the singer's Tennessee theme park. She discusses her larger-than-life branding and how she operates in a male-dominated industry.

60 Minutes Australia - Janet Jackson

In a rare candid interview from the time, Janet Jackson discusses her famous family, especially her relationship to brother Michael.

60 Minutes Australia - George Michael

In a tense but illuminating interview in 1988, George Michael opines on sex, his image, and pop stardom.

60 Minutes Australia - Cyndi Lauper

In this 2016 feature, 60 Minutes Australia covers the career of the singular Cyndi Lauper, from her 80s pop stardom to her career revival on Broadway. Featuring an interview with Lauper herself.

60 Minutes Australia - Michael Jackson

This 1987 60 Minutes story features a rare in-depth interview with the pop superstar, as well as priceless footage from his legendary stage show.

60 Minutes Australia - The Divinyls

Broadcast in 1991, the same year they broke America with their steamy hit "I Touch Myself," 60 Minutes covers Australian band The Divinyls, from their controversial image to their years on the road.

60 Minutes Australia - AC/DC

In this 2020 story, 60 Minutes covers the reunion of legendary rock and roll band AC/DC after the tragic death of co-founder Malcom Young.

60 Minutes Australia - INXS

60 Minutes Australia follows INXS on their 1991 world tour, interviewing members of the band as well as their devoted fans.

60 Minutes Australia - Aerosmith

Featuring interviews with members Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, this 2013 story delves into the tumultuous history of Aerosmith and their well-publicized rock and roll lifestyles.

60 Minutes Australia - Bowie & Me

In this revealing 2002 interview with David Bowie, he reflects on his storied career and various musical styles and personas, as well as his latest album, Reality.

60 Minutes Australia - Yothu Yindi

Yothu Yindi combine rock music with traditional Aboriginal instrumentation to create a distinct sound all their own. This 1992 60 Minutes story covers their history, influences and politics.

Bandstand with Brian Henderson - Jesse Davis

An early performance from soul, jazz and R&B singer Jesse Davis in 1968.

60 Minutes Australia - John Farnham

Australian pop singer John Farnham discusses his career and personal life in this 1993 interview.