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U2 - Rebirth Of Cool: U2 In The Third Millennium

This film tells the story of the massive regeneration of U2 during the new millennium. Across two stunning and classic albums, a world tour to accompany each, numerous side projects and a fresh attitude that not only drew the old fans back in droves, but equally attracted huge swathes of new devotees, the 'noughties' was just as much U2's decade as the eighties had been.

U2 Achtung Baby: Classic Album Under Review

This DVD contains the ultimate review and critical analysis of U2's most pivotal album. It offers a previously unobtainable level of insight into the band during the recording of their most dynamic and well respected album. Via the use of live footage, long forgotten videos and the review, criticism and insight of a panel of highly opinionated experts, this packag...Read More

Prince - Reign Of The Prince Of Ages

Documentary focusing on the legendary musician's life and work, from his troubled childhood in Minneapolis to becoming one of the most popular and innovative artists in contemporary music.

Prince - The Glory Years Unauthorized

Prince - The Glory Years is a documentary film which reviews and re-captures this golden decade and with the aid of his friends, colleagues, fellow musicians and other notable contributors, helps discover why Prince Rodgers Nelson simply stole the '80s as far as music was concerned. Features include rare and classic Prince performances re-assessed by a team of estee...Read More

Prince: The Little Giant

"How many instruments do you play?" 1000. Watch a fascinating hour-long collage of interviews and behind the scenes footage showing Prince's unique and courageous artistic perspective. Going back to his American Bandstand performance at age 19, all the way up to his Larry King Live interview on the verge of the millennium, Prince: The Little Giant has it all.

Prince - Slave Trade

Exploring the strange but prophetic mid-1990s period in Prince's career as he took full control of his music. This film explores and documents this strange but prophetic period in Prince's career and with the help of those who witnessed events as they unfolded, shows that Prince is not just a remarkable musician, performer and composer, but arguably, also has the sh...Read More

Todd Rundgren's Utopia - Live At Chicago Theater

Todd Rundgren's seminal prog-rock / power-pop band Utopia reunites onstage for the first time in 32 years.

Stray Cats - Live At Rockpalast: Cologne 1981

When the US trio stormed the top of the charts in their adopted country of England, punk still reigned supreme in the United Kingdom. But Brian Setzer, Brian Setzer, Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker brought a little something different. Impressive footage of this time includes two performances in Germany: one in 1981 in Cologne and one in 1983 at the Loreley that wer...Read More