Dark Entries

Resuscitating the '80s underground with revered reissue label, Dark Entries.

Night Flight - X Ray Pop Video Profile

X RAY POP are the French synth-pop duo that began as part of the no wave art group Bocal 5 in 1981. Referring to their sound as “minimum naive new wave” their songs feature rich textures on concise but relentless arrangements with playful lyrics and a general tongue-in-cheek of humor that’s as catchy as it is eccentric.

Night Flight - Executive Slacks Video Profile

Executive Slacks was spawned in Philadelphia by three restless art students in the early 1980s. Starting out with performance art in subways, they soon took their angst-ridden act to galleries and nightclubs. Dripping in nihilism, Executive Slacks' unique brew of primitive electronics, harsh guitars and aggressive vocals inspired many bands like Ministry, Front 242 ...Read More

Night Flight - Borghesia Video Profile

Borghesia is an electronic music group from Slovenia formed in 1982. Borghesia is one of the most successful bands from former Yugoslavia known for turning sexual freedom into an important political issue by creating the New Slovenian Art scene.

Night Flight - Belaboris Video Profile

In early 1980s Finland, Belaboris were in their own peculiar, undefinable no-woman’s-land between the Finnish Futu and Gothic scenes.

Night Flight - Borusiade Video Profile

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Borusiade aka Miruna Boruzescu started DJing in 2002 as one of the very few female DJs in the city’s emerging alternative clubbing scene.

Night Flight - Lena Platonos Video Profile

Born on the island of Crete and raised in Athens, Platonos was one of the pioneers in the Greek electronic music scene of the 1980s, and remains active today.

Night Flight - Xymox Video Profile

Xymox, later known as Clan of Xymox, was founded in the Netherlands, in 1983 by Ronny Moorings (Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizers) and Anka Wolbert (Vocals, Bass). In 2014, Dark Entries reissued the band's pre-4AD EP, Subsequent Pleasures, a unique fusion of lush psychedelia and dark, angular atmospherics.

Night Flight - Ski Patrol

Ski Patrol were a band formed in 1979 in the Brixton area in response to the darkwave and post-punk bands that were gaining popularity in England at the time.

Night Flight - Philippe Krootchey Video Profile

Born in 1954 in Versailles, France, Philippe Krootchey was a musician, DJ, radio and television host at the forefront of the gay liberation movement in France.

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Dark Entries

Resuscitating The '80s Underground. Inspired by the DIY nature of the 80s underground, Dark Entries founder Josh Cheon launched the label in 2009 to release out of print and unreleased underground music as well as contemporary bands, with a mission to preserve sound quality and respecting the aesthetics of its artists. With over 100 releases under our belt from Seve...Read More

Night Flight - Altres Video Profile

Altres are an electronic band from Dundee, Scotland originally formed in 1983. With influences ranging from Faust to Philip Glass, Altres’s unique brand of instrumental, improvised electronic music was all recorded live, with no overdubs.

Night Flight - Suzanne Doucet Video Profile

Suzanne Doucet got her start as a successful pop-star in Germany before moving to the US and embarking on her new-age career, releasing over 40 records in the states.

Night Flight - Red Axes Video Profile

Red Axes are the Tel Aviv-based electronic duo of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi whose sound is heavily influenced by the music of post-punk and new wave bands from the 80s.

Night Flight - Bezier Video Profile

Bézier is the moniker of all-live-analog electronic wizard Robert Yang from San Francisco. Yang’s studio set up includes a variety of vintage Roland and Korg synthesizers as well as the Italo Disco favorite LinnDrum.

Night Flight - Patrick Cowley Video Profile

Patrick Cowley was an innovative American disco producer and composer originating from Buffalo, NY. Best known for his production on Sylvester’s explosive hit “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” as well as his own chart topping dance tracks.

Night Flight - From Nursery to Misery Video Profile

From Nursery to Misery were three teenagers who grew up together on the same street in Basildon Essex. Formed in 1987, the band was comprised of vocalists (and identical twins) Gina and Tina Fear, along with keyboard player and producer Lee Stevens.