Disinformation TV

The Disinformation Television Series caused quite a stir when it aired on the UK's Channel 4. Later picked up (and then dropped) by the Sci Fi Channel in the US, this lost cult treasure is now streaming on Night Flight Plus.

Disinformation TV - Episode 1 (Joe Coleman)

"Punk Rock 60 Minutes" – Wired Magazine. Lost treasures from Dangerous Minds creator Richard Metzger's never-aired alternative docu-series. Featuring a studio visit with artist Joe Coleman, CIA Sex Slaves, outsider music expert Irwin Chusid, and metaphysicist/podiatrist Brother Theodore.

Disinformation TV - Episode 2 (The Montauk Project)

A look at conspiracy theory The Montauk Project, America’s satanic cult movement, how to build a working time machine and LA’s fetish ball.

Disinformation TV - Episode 3 (Rocket Boy)

Interview with comic book icon Grant Morrison, outer space mercenary Rocket Boy, Cinema of Transgression’s Kembra Pfahler, and robot sex.

Disinformation TV - Episode 4 (Genesis P-Orridge)

Wrecker of civilization Genesis P-Orridge, the comic-book life of Mr. Awesome and paganism in traditional religious iconography.

Disinformation TV - Extras (Howard Bloom)

Legendary music publicist and "The Lucifer Principle" author Howard Bloom sits down for an interview with Disinformation host Richard Metzger.

Disinformation TV - Extras (McTime)

The McTime segment from the original UK Channel 4 series from Australian 'disinformant' John Safran.