Double Dragon: The Animated Series

A martial-arts master and his twin brother fight evil in this animated series based on the extremely popular "Beat 'em up" Video-Game franchise published by SEGA.

Double Dragon - Episode 01 "Shadow Falls"

Jimmy and Billy are reunited after being separated at birth. Billy decides to open up a marital arts school, to teach local kids. Billy is attacked by the shadow boss, who turns out to be his brother.

Double Dragon - Episode 02 "The Legend Continues"

Jimmy captures his brother Billy and takes him to the Shadow Master. The Shadow Master orders Jimmy to lock his brother up and before Jimmy can do so, the Shadow Master turns on him. Jimmy sets his brother free and the two transform and escape from the Shadow Master. Jimmy is now one of the good guys.

Double Dragon - Episode 03 "The Price Of Oblivion"

The Shadow Master has come up with a plan to introduce a new drug to Metro City, called Oblivion. The double dragons, along with Colonel McReady, blow up the drug tanks and foil the Shadow Master's plan.

Double Dragon - Episode 04 "River Of Tears"

The Shadow boss attempts to alter the city's water supply.

Double Dragon - Episode 05 "Judgement Day"

Jimmy must help Billy face off against the people he once called his friends, once and for all.

Double Dragon - Episode 07 "Over The Line"

Billy confronts Jimmy about the methods he uses to take down the bad guys.

Double Dragon - Episode 09 "Rebirth"

The Shadow Master tries to resurrect an evil force, that he hopes will defeat the Double Dragons.

Double Dragon - Episode 08 "Call To Arms"

The shadow master starts pumping metro city full of hand held plasma guns and plans to seize control in the city in the chaos that follows.

Double Dragon - Episode 10 "The Heart Of The Matter"

The Shadow Master sets out to steal the matter from the heart of each citizens in the city.

Double Dragon - Episode 11 "Dragon Hunt"

The Shadow Master puts a bounty on the Double Dragons and now they are being hunted by every crook in the city.

Double Dragon - Episode 12 "Eye Of The Dragon"

The shadow master tries to steal the dragon eye, in order to crush the double dragon's.

Double Dragon - Episode 13 "The Abyss"

The Double Dragons get transported to an unknown place and now have to find their way back.

Double Dragon - Episode 14 "Shadow Khan"

Shadow Khan is sent after the Double Dragon's by the Shadow Master, in order to prove his loyalty.

Double Dragon - Episode 15 "Shadow Claw"

A group called Shadow Claw are formed and are out for themselves, they won't take orders from Shadow Master. Now the Double Dragon's must stop them.

Double Dragon - Episode 16 "Doom Claw"

Shadow Master has told the city when doomsday will come and it's up to the Double Dragon's to stop it.

Double Dragon - Episode 17 "Virtual Reality Bites"

The Shadow Master transfers the Double Dragon's into a virtual reality game, where virtual soon becomes reality.

Double Dragon - Episode 18 "Undertown"

The Double Dragon's enter into the deadly underground fight clubs.

Double Dragon - Episode 19 "Superhighway Warriors"

The Double Dragon's face off against a group of super charged highway thugs.

Double Dragon - Episode 20 "RPM"

The shadow master devolves a new addictive drug that gives its users supper strength.

Double Dragon - Episode 23 "Ancients Arrive"

The Shadow Master resurrects the ancient dragon lords.

Double Dragon - Episode 25 "The Return Of The Shadow Monster"

After thinking they have finally defeated Shadow Master, the double dragons are surprised to learn that he has returned.

Double Dragon - Episode 26 "Day Of The Undertown Dragons"

The double dragons come across an old foe in the undertown.

Double Dragon - Episode 24 "The Sight of Freedom"

The Double Dragons must try to stop the Shadow Master once in for all, in order to gain total freedom from him.

Double Dragon - Episode 21 "The Spirit in the Sword"

The Shadow Master steals a sword and hopes that he can unleash an evil spirit from within.

Double Dragon - Episode 22 "Shadow Conned"

The Double Dragon's are tricked and end up in one of the Shadow Master's traps.

Double Dragon - Episode 06 "The Mistress of Chi"

The double dragons must help the mistress of Chi break free of his control.