Gumby – Everybody's Favorite Clayboy

A match made in retro heaven. We are thrilled to add the original 1950s and '60s Gumby series. With some of the best digital transfers around, we've worked with our archivists to recut special half-hour Night Flight 'episodes' of Art Clokey's classic series.

Gumby - Way Out West

No one can escape the allure of the Great American West. In this special Night Flight compilation we cover Gumby's stint as a Sherrif-cum-reformer for "Ricochet Pete," Pokey's success as a great Rodeo Horse in "The Rodeo King," and a Hopi village rescue operation in "Rain Spirits."

Gumby - Puppy Dog Tales

This special Night Flight compilation honor's a clayboy's very best friend. Nope, we're not talking about Pokey in this case, but... Nopey, the beloved canine companion from the Original Gumby Series.

Gumby - Crazy Creatures

A tour de force of Gumby's craziest guest creatures in this special Night Flight compilation episode featuring The Glob, The Zoops, Moon Boggles and more... As to be expected, things get a lil crazy.

Gumby - Laboratory Laffs

This special Night Flight compilation looks back at Gumby and Pokey's best experiments and adventures from the lab. Sub-atomic Inventions, pianos on the moon, microscopic civilizations and more... Laff it up.

Gumby - Pilgums and Patriots

Gumby, the American hero. In this special Night Flight compilation Gumby meets an english separatist in "Pilgrims on The Rocks," warns Paul Revere about the redcoats in "Son Of Liberty," and helps General Washington "Cross The Delaware."

Gumby - Of Kings and Things

Gumby, the loyal. Gumby's many adventures involving the great King Ott are explored in this special Night Flight compilation. See Gumby rescue the princess in "Sad King Ott's Daughter", joust on his behalf in "The King's Daughter," and teach the great gift of rain for the King's great kingdom.

Gumby - Prickles and Predicaments

This special Night Flight compilation follows Gumby's adventure with his yellow dinosaur friend, Prickle. Prickle's brushes with fame ("Prickle's Problem"), misguided birthday excitement ("Turnip Trap"), and good fortune as a fine artist ("Mystic Magic") are all covered in this special edit, with much more.