Horror: Italian Giallos & Eurocrime

The goriest and most stylish films from Italy featuring legendary directors such as Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento.

Horror: Witches & Vampires

The Children of the Night get their day in the sun with this collection of blood suckers cauldron-stirrers.

Horror: Cannibals & Flesh-Eating Zombies

The ultimate taboo and the ultimate nightmare: isolated cannibals and vicious zombies join forces for a collection of our most brain-hungry films.

Horror: Demons & Devil Worshippers

Black magic and poltergeists haunt the (mostly) innocent in a series of truly demonic films.

Horror: Aliens, Robots, Kaiju & Post-Nuke Sci-Fi Meltdowns

Rubber suits and post-apocalyptic wastelands galore as humankind fights for survival against existential threats.

Horror: Gothic Horror & Haunted Houses

Strap in for some truly spooky houses, full of dark attics and candelabras.

Horror: Ghosts, Supernatural & Paranormal

A collection of the things that go bump in the night!

Horror: Psycho Nazis & Mutants

Where WWII and exploitation films meet in some truly trashy films.

Horror: Bigfoot Hunters & Drive-In Sleaze

Join the search for the legendary Sasquatch, along with other drive-in monstrosities, in these low-budget cult classics.

Horror: Slashers & Psycho Killers

Coeds and more get creatively slaughtered by masked killers for your entertainment in Night Flight’s best slasher films.