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Manchester Sound: Happy Mondays & Friends At Cities In The Park

Back in 1991, just before the sad demise of Factory Records, there was 'Cities in the Park', an outdoor event over 2 days, staged at Manchester's Heaton Park. Bands include: A Certain Ratio; New Fast Automatic Daffodils; Durutti Column; Ashley & Jackson; Ruthless Rap Assassins; Cabaret Voltaire; Natural Life; The Buzzcocks; The Adventure Babies; Revenge; The Wendys;...Read More

Oasis - Morning Glory: Classic Album Under Review

Oasis - (What's The Story') Morning Glory: A Classic Album Under Review is a documentary film which revisits and re-assesses this powerhouse of a record. With the use of archive footage, long forgotten videos and contributions from those around at the time, this program uncovers why the band's second album is arguably their most satisfying. Features include live and...Read More

The Smiths: Still Ill

This DVD contains an incredible amount of insight into the two songwriting talents of The Smiths: Morrissey and Johnny Marr. Seen here for the first time is a less-than-usual guarded, open-but-cautious early Morrissey in a revealing unedited interview.

Kate Bush - Under Review

This 90-minute film reviews the music and career of one of the world's most influential performers, singers and songwriters; arguably the most unique female artist ever. It includes rare musical performances never available before on DVD. It also includes obscure footage, rare interviews and photographs of and with Kate Bush from all periods of her astonishing caree...Read More

The Smiths: Under Review

The Smiths - Under Review is a 90 minute documentary film covering the full story and music of The Smiths. It features rare musical performances, videos, TV appearances, interviews with the band, and expert comment and review from an esteemed panel of experts. This film is the first of its kind in documenting the history of one of the most important band of the 1980...Read More

Stone Roses - Made Of Stone

With unprecedented access to previously unseen archive footage, MADE OF STONE is a revealing journey through the life of one of the most revered and influential bands in British music history. Acclaimed film-maker Shane Meadows brings his unique directorial style, humour and emotional depth to the film, capturing the band at work and in their everyday lives as they ...Read More

Morrissey - The Jewel In The Crown

From those early days as a bedroom dwelling New York Dolls fanatic writing to the NME on a regular basis, through the heady Smiths era when he barely put a foot wrong, and across his often quite staggering solo career to culminate at his position today as elder statesman of the indie generation. The program includes rare and classic footage, musical performances of ...Read More

My Life With Morrissey

Jackie, a hard working assistant at a TV studio, pours herself into her work with an odd enthusiasm that her co-workers embrace with mixed feelings. with mixed feelings. An obsessed Morrissey fan, her off hours are spent talking to posters and photos that plaster her apartment. Her nights are spent scouring places Morrissey has been spotted around L.A. One fateful n...Read More

Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets

As much a testament to the band as it is to the city and inhabitants of Sheffield, PULP weaves exclusive concert footage with man-on-the-street interviews and dreamy staged sequences to paint a picture much larger, funnier, moving, and life-affirming than any music film of recent memory. Though culminating with the farewell concert the band played to thousands of a...Read More