Meet the Residents

"There is nothing comparable to The Residents." — Consequence Film. Night Flight & The Residents go way, way back as veterans of the cult canon. Whether it's an original interview with the band from our early '80s Video Profile, their incredible reimagining of 'Duck Stab' for NF's 40th anniversary, or the band's 2022 surreal feature film mystery "Triple Trouble," Night Flight's got your Residents binge covered!

The Residents - Secret Show (Live in San Francisco)

To celebrate their 50th Anniversary, The Residents undertook a secret, one-off performance in their hometown of San Francisco. Joined on stage by a hand-picked cast of guest artists, the group and their friends performed a dream setlist of classics from the band's back catalogue, including songs never performed live before. Featuring guest vocalists, a girls' chorus...Read More

Night Flight - The Residents video profile and San Francisco Rock

In this original episode of Night Flight, we take a look at the mysterious art rock project the Residents and have a profile of the San Francisco Rock scene that includes. music videos from Santana, Starship, Grateful Dead and more. Original Air Date: 2-18-86

The Residents - God In 3 Persons Live

Night Flight is proud to kick off our 42nd Anniversary Weekend programming on Night Flight Plus with The Residents' “God In 3 Persons” concert film, a Night Flight streaming exclusive that originally premiered in 2020 at New York's Museum of Modern Art. Operatic in its vision and profound in its implications, "God in 3 Persons" examines the controversial concepts...Read More

Night Flight Performance Series - The Residents

The anonymous and prolific quartet, the Residents, have remained a fixture in the avant-garde music and art scene for decades, releasing over 60 full-length records. Rejecting individual identities, the group disguises itself for public appearances in giant eyeball masks and tuxedos, avoiding interacting with media and issuing all statements through the “Cryptic Cor...Read More

The Residents - Commercial DVD

The Residents had recorded their album, The Commercial Album, in 1980. It contained 40 one-minute tunes. The DVD version of this required enlisting many talented film-makers from around the world, each contributing one or more one-minute videos to accompany the songs. Though the videos can be viewed in a linear fashion, more intriguing is wandering through a maze ...Read More

The Residents - Talking Light: Bimbo's

The inspiration behind the Talking Light tour is The Residents' fascination with spooky stories. All of these ghost stories share a common theme, which ultimately asks the question: In a world where nearly everything has been categorized, how do we fulfill our need for the Fuzzy, the Vague, or the Supernatural. with TV commercials'