MetalHead Video Magazine

Night Flight creator Stuart S. Shapiro's, MetalHead Video Magazine (1990-1992): Metalhead is one wild ride down the hardest rocking highway, with backstage posses, exclusive and furious live shows, raw interviews, Of the loud and lewd...Metalhead.

MetalHead Video Magazine - Volume 1

Metalhead is one wild ride down the hardest rocking highway, with backstage posses, exclusive and furious live shows, raw interviews of the loud and lewd...Metalhead. Interviews and videos from Bon Jovi, Sabbath, Scorpions, Skid Row and more. Featuring spotlight on new bands - Salty Dog, Ezo, Little Caesar, Dead On, plus shock rock from GWAR, MTV'S Riki Rachtman and...Read More

MetalHead Video Magazine - Volume 2

HEY METALHEADS...take a bite outta this! We're back to rock you raw and slap you senseless with these Godhead features: Aerosmith - fist first on Hollywood's Rock Walk of Fame, in the studio with producer Mike (Skid Row) Wagner, Doro Pesch dressed to kill for the latest tour, talkin' tattoos with Olivia ("Repo Man)" Barish, a "B-B-Q From Hell" and shopping in rock '...Read More

MetalHead Video Magazine - Volume 3

In your face and out your ears! In this volume of MetalHead Video Magazin: Iron Maiden takes you behind the scenes on the world tour, symphonic speed metal meets skate punk with Shrapnel, Every Mother's Nightmare terrorize tourists at a Farmers Market, Axel shares his horrific jewelry and just HOW much torture can one MetalHead take? Meet moshin' Mom and Pop METALHE...Read More

MetalHead Video Magazine - Volume 4

IT'S METALHEAD IV...manic metal panic-paint peeling video guaranteed to strip your walls and bounce your balls. Diamond Dave gets down, gets dirty with Tawn Mastrey, speed metal monsters Anthrax hit London with a vengeance, Ozzy gets his jollies on a talking dog phone, Vegas legends Slaughter hit town for homecoming bash, we meet the horrific GWAR Cinderella, Jagged...Read More

MetalHead Video Magazine - Volume 5

For the penultimate entry in the lost home video classic, we suggest you check your earplugs at the door! Slayer and Megadeth invade the universe and take no prisoners on the Clash of the Titans tour, the rock and roll gospel according to Henry Rollins, San Francisco's home-grown metal maniacs Primus get the home video treatment and TAD: 300 pounds of Sub Pop sound.

MetalHead Video Magazine - Volume 6

"More Hard Rock bang for your buck" in this final entry of MetalHead Video Magazine with segments that include: Sebastian Bach at Hollywood's posh Le Parc Hotel, The God of Shock Alice Cooper unveils past, present and future secrets in this intimate on-on-on, Dweezil Zappa sound checks and sounds off from the Cat Club in NYC, and Mudhoney Mayhem!