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Jan Terri: No Rules

A NIGHT FLIGHT PLUS STREAMING EXCLUSIVE: This is the story of Jan Terri, an irrepressible and delightfully perplexing musical personality. As a child, Jan would dance and sing for anyone who would listen. As a teenager, she began writing and performing her own songs. In her 20’s and 30’s, she used the income from her job as a full-time limo driver to hire a freelanc...Read More

Messiah of Evil

A woman arrives in a sleepy seaside town after receiving unsettling letters from her father, only to discover the town is under the influence of a strange cult that weeps tears of blood and hunger for human flesh. From Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz, the writers of American Grafitti, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Howard the Duck, this dreamy and atmospheri...Read More

Benny's Bathtub

Populated by singing (and barely dressed) Mermaids, a funky hepcat Octopus and whiskey-drinking Skeleton Pirates, the underwater kingdom is the grooviest scene this side of Yellow Submarine, with helpings of Dr. Seuss, Sid & Marty Krofft and Harry Nilsson's The Point thrown in. (Danish kids' entertainment in the early 1970s was truly outtasite!) In addition to the c...Read More

Night Flight - Millie Jackson Video Profile

During Night Flight’s second season, interviewer Al Banderio sat down with the “Queen of Sass” Millie Jackson for a ribald interview that is emblematic of Night Flight's unique approach to music television. Jackson discusses her disdain for FCC, the qualities she looks for in a man (“nice feet, and a nice round ass,”), her love of Country and much more while promoti...Read More

The Girl From Rio

A Carnivàle Of Sex, Violence And Outrageous Style From Jess Franco! In the tradition of BARBARELLA and DANGER: DIABOLIK comes this swinging ‘60s action orgy as Sumuru (the luscious Shirley Eaton of Goldfinger) launches a diabolical plan to enslave the male species with her army of lusty warrior women. But when Sumuru kidnaps a fugitive American playboy, she crosses ...Read More