New and Noteworthy

The Spider Labyrinth

For more than three decades, the remarkable debut feature – and sole horror film – by award-winning director Gianfranco Giagni has been one of the most elusive Italian horror titles in home video history…until now: When an American professor is sent to Budapest to complete a mysterious research project, he’ll become ensnared in a mind-bending web of sexual provocati...Read More

Hardware Wars

Fluke Starbucker (Scott Mathews) must learn to master the power of 'The Farce' with help from Artie Deco, 4-Q-2 (Frank Robertson), Princess Anne-Droid (Cindy Furgatch), Ham Salad (Bob Knickerbocker), and the rest of the Red Eye Knights. In 1978 writer / director Ernie Fosselius (former member of 'The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo') created the very first 'St...Read More

21st Century Schizoid Band: Live In Japan

Current and former members of King Crimson reunite in Tokyo for this memorable 2002 concert featuring stellar performances of classic King Crimson.

Messiah of Evil

A woman arrives in a sleepy seaside town after receiving unsettling letters from her father, only to discover the town is under the influence of a strange cult that weeps tears of blood and hunger for human flesh. From Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz, the writers of American Grafitti, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Howard the Duck, this dreamy and atmospheri...Read More

Rats: Night of Terror

In the year 225 A.B. (After the Bomb), a group of post-apocalyptic bikers discover an abandoned research laboratory filled with food, water... and thousands of rats. But these are no ordinary vermin; these are super-intelligent mutant rodents with a ravenous appetite for human flesh. Can a bunch of heavily armed but not-too-bright human scavengers survive a night of...Read More

Stations of the Elevated

Stations of the Elevated (1981) is a 45-minute city symphony shot on lush 16mm color reversal stock, with a soundtrack that combines ambient city noise with jazz and gospel by Charles Mingus and Aretha Franklin. Directed, produced and edited by Manfred Kirchheimer, Stations weaves together vivid images of graffiti- covered elevated subway trains crisscrossing the gr...Read More

Burial Ground

For his only foray into the zombie genre, psychosexual sleaze maestro Andrea Bianchi unleashed the barrage of flesh-ripping, gut-chomping and depraved oedipal mayhem that set insane new standards in Italian horro. Mariangela Giordano (of SATAN’S BABY DOLL) stars in the ‘80s splatter classic about a cursed country estate besieged by horny houseguests, undead Etrusca...Read More

Drowning By Numbers

Peter Greenaway – “one of the most distinctive, provocative talents of his generation” (The Guardian) – shocked/delighted international audiences with this slyly deranged black comedy classic: Oscar® nominee Dame Joan Plowright (Enchanted April), four-time BAFTA Award nominee Juliet Stevenson (Truly Madly Deeply) and two-time Golden Globe nominee Joely Richardson (T...Read More

The Thorn in the Heart

The Thorn in the Heart (L'Epine dans le Coeur) is a personal look at the life of the Gondry family matriarch, Michel's aunt Suzette Gondry, and her relationship with her son, Jean-Yves. Michel examines Suzette's years as a school teacher and her life in rural France. During the course of filming the documentary, Michel unearths new family stories and uses his camera...Read More

The Astrologer

Before he became NYC's favorite '80s action auteur with hits like The Exterminator, The Protector and Shakedown, as well as executive producer of grindhouse classics that included Maniac Cop, Frankenhooker and Basket Case 2 & 3, writer/director James Glickenhaus made his feature debut with this bizarre tale of government skullduggery, satanic killings, zodiacal mayh...Read More


Lost river lake was a was a thriving resort - until they discovered... Piranha! Tonight's new creature feature arrival features a stellar group of talent in front of as well as behind the camera. With cult luminary Joe Dante directing and Pino Donaggio behind the score, the first-class cast of cult stars includes Kevin McCarthy (Invasion Of The Body Snatchers), Barb...Read More

It All Comes Down to… ACR

A NIGHT FLIGHT PLUS PREMIERE: An absurdist view of the recording process for musicians A Certain Ratio, collaborating with Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey. Occurring 45 years after the release of their first album, this view offers everything and nothing. It All Comes Down to This, and the pursuit of such. "It All Comes Down to This," the new album from A Certain Ra...Read More

Iron Maiden: Ultimate Critical Review

With the release of the classic self-titled album in April 1980, Iron Maiden set themselves at the forefront of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. This documentary tells the story of the making of a classic heavy metal album. It includes a unique, frank interview with original Maiden front man and bad-boy Paul Di'Annio - known affectionately as 'The Beast' - who s...Read More


Something strange is happening in the wilds of Mexico. Radioactive waste has contaminated the major waterways and once harmless sea creatures have developed frighteningly complex intelligence systems... the OCTAMAN is on the prowl! From the co-writer of the original "Creature From the Black Lagoon" and the makeup effects wizard of An American Werewolf in London come...Read More

The Stunt Man

Lights, Camera, Action! In The Stunt Man, a Vietnam Vet on the run from the law becomes entangled in a movie shoot when he disrupts a staged accident and causes the death of the stunt man. Instead of turning him in, megalomaniac director Eli Cross (portrayed by Peter O'Toole in an Oscar®-nominated performance) offers Cameron an irresistible proposition: replace the ...Read More

Jimi Hendrix: Smash Hits

Smash Hits was the only compilation made prior to Hendrix’s death and in this retrospective, you can experience the best of the music in the company of Jimi’s contemporaries and leading critics.

Solomon King

A new restoration from cult label partner Deaf Crocodile of the long-lost, independently financed Blaxploitation film Solomon King is streaming now! In the vein of Shaft and Dolomite, Solomon King stars Sal Watts (who also directs, wrote and produced) as an ex-CIA nightclub owner seeking violent revenge for the murder of his girlfriend by hitmen working for an oil-o...Read More

Night Flight - The Video Artist (Ernest Gusella)

Experimental animator (and bio-chemist/philosopher) Ernest Gusella stops by the Night Flight studios to talk about his analog and digital video synthesis projects, which were inspired by Terry Riley, Nam June Paik and Gene Youngblood's influential book "Expanded Cinema."

Nirvana - In Utero: Under Review

Featuring live and studio performances by Nirvana, rare interviews, and a host of other features, all interspersed with independent review and criticism from a panel of experts. These include; original Nirvana drummer Chad Channing; Jack Endino, producer of Nirvana's Bleach and owner of the studios in which the band started early work on In Utero; former girlfriend ...Read More

Night Flight - Sold American

Night Flight presents "Sold American," an eye-opening documentary about Marijuana production in California in the early 1980s - from seed to bud. The film explores political and economic ramifications of growing cannabis and features interviews growers, narcotics enforcers, and politicians.


This 1978 psychological thriller features a mesmerizing performance by a young Anthony Hopkins. Directed by Sir Richard Attenborough and based on William Goldman's (The Princess Bride) novel, "Magic" follows Corky, an introverted magician, and his foulmouthed ventriloquist dummy Fats, on their rise to overnight stardom. When Corky seeks to reignite a romance wit...Read More

The Young Poisoner's Handbook

Based on the true story, The Young Poisoners Handbook is a black-comedy satire about the exploits of a brilliant and disturbed teenage chemistry prodigy. Growing up in a dreary London suburb in the early 50s, Graham Young is an outcast among fellow students and a pariah at home. His gift for chemistry evolves into a fascination with toxic substances and he soon emba...Read More

Night Flight - New Sounds (March 1988)

Welcome to Night Flight’s New Sounds! This original ‘80s episode format featured a curated mix of videos from emerging artists. Tonight's episodes features The Proclaimers, Richmond, Virginia’s rock duo House of Freaks, The Christians, and to kick things off... Moz! Yep, Morrissey's immaculate post-Smiths debut single “Suedehead” and it's accompanying James Dean tribute video.

Quasi at the Quackadero

This cult cartoon follows two ducks, Quasi and Anita, and a pet robot at an amusement park in the future where time travel is exploited. Hugely popular in the 1970s, it was named to the National Film Registry in 2009.

A Blade in the Dark

When The Lights Go Out, The Knife Goes In…! In Lamberto Bava’s Blade in the Dark, Bruno is hired to compose the music for a new horror movie and rents an isolated villa to concentrate on his work. But when several beautiful young women are brutally murdered within the house, Bruno becomes obsessed with solving the savage crimes. Is a clue to the killer's identity hi...Read More

Category III: The Untold Story of Hong Kong Exploitation Cinema

Welcome to your crash course on the history of Hong Kong Exploitation Cinema, one of the most curious and invigorating periods in exploitation filmmaking. This new documentary arrival covers the rise and fall of Hong Kong's notorious Category III (think UK Video Nasties or US's NC-17) cinema which reached a peak during the years 1988 and the lead-up to the Handover ...Read More


ANIMALS tells the story of a young couple that exist somewhere between homelessness and the fantasy life they imagine for themselves. Though they masterfully con and steal in an attempt to stay one step ahead of their addiction, they are ultimately forced to face the reality of their situation.

Black Circle

Two sisters, Celeste and Isa, fall under the terrifying spell of a mysterious vinyl record from the 1970s. Used to help with stress and bring the listener to a state of calming self-hypnosis, the recording has the unfortunate side-effect of manifesting a doppelgänger of the listener into our world. Directed by internationally acclaimed horror master Adrian Garcia B...Read More

Castle of Blood

It was begun by Sergio Corbucci (Django), completed by Antonio Margheriti (The Long Hair of Death) and remains one of the true masterpieces of Gothic Horror. When a cynical journalist accepts a wager that he won’t survive the night in a haunted castle, it will unlock an odyssey of sexual torment, undead vengeance and a dark seductress (the legendary Barbara Steele) ...Read More

Two Evil Eyes

The masters of modern horror George Romero and Dario Argento bring you an unprecedented pair of shockers inspired by the tales of Edgar Allan Poe. In Romero's The Facts In The Case Of Mr. Valdemar, a conniving wife (Adrienne Barbeau of THE FOG) and her lover use a hypnotic trance to embezzle a fortune from her dying husband, only to receive some chilling surprises f...Read More

The Thin Lizzy Story

Documentary tracing the career and music of Dublin rock band Thin Lizzy during the years when the band was fronted by the legendary Phil Lynott. Featuring live performances from the legendary rock group plus interview clips with the members who survived Phil Lynott. 

Skin: A History Of Nudity In The Movies

A definitive documentary on the history of nudity in the movies from the early silent days to the present, examining the changes in morality that led to the use of nudity in films while emphasizing the political, sociological and artistic changes that shaped this rich history. Skin delves into the gender bias concerning nudity in motion pictures and will follow the ...Read More

Slumber Party Massacre II

In this freaky follow-up to Slumber Party Massacre (written and directed by Deborah Brock), Courtney (Crystal Bernard) is tormented by dreams of the infamous Driller Killer returning to wreak havoc... only to find that (bad) dreams really do come true when the murderous monster is reincarnated as an evil rocker!

Fire And Ice

It began as a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between two of the greatest icons of the fantasy genre: Controversial animator Ralph Bakshi (director of Fritz the Cat and the original The Lord of the Rings) and legendary illustrator Frank Frazetta (creator of the iconic Conan The Barbarian, and countless Edgar Rice Burroughs book covers). It became - and remains - on...Read More

The Fifth Thoracic Vertebra

After a mysterious mold starts spreading across the surface of an abandoned mattress, a sentient creature begins to take shape from within. Feasting on its unsuspecting victims' vertebrae while they rest, the creature grows stronger, finding nourishment not only in the bones and sinew it assimilates but also in the hopes, fears, and emotions of all those it encounters.

Jan Terri: No Rules

A NIGHT FLIGHT PLUS STREAMING EXCLUSIVE: This is the story of Jan Terri, an irrepressible and delightfully perplexing musical personality. As a child, Jan would dance and sing for anyone who would listen. As a teenager, she began writing and performing her own songs. In her 20’s and 30’s, she used the income from her job as a full-time limo driver to hire a freelanc...Read More

Rush: In Performance

This is the ultimate critical review of the music of Rush on record, on film and on stage. Drawing on rare archive footage, and an in depth interview with Alex Lifeson, a leading team of music critics and working musicians revisits and reviews every Rush album from 1974 through to Exit Stage Left.

Turn of the Century: Pilot

Dame Darcy Isabelle Bajo, Risque’ Reverie, Gluttony, The Elaborate Empire of Ache, Midnight Mirage w/Dame Darcy, Dutchess and the Doppleganger, The Sirens and The Sailor, The Foundling, Dame Darcy, Doll Craftin’ with Courtney Love -short version, Dame Darcy Banjo + Saw.

The Girl From Rio

A Carnivàle Of Sex, Violence And Outrageous Style From Jess Franco! In the tradition of BARBARELLA and DANGER: DIABOLIK comes this swinging ‘60s action orgy as Sumuru (the luscious Shirley Eaton of Goldfinger) launches a diabolical plan to enslave the male species with her army of lusty warrior women. But when Sumuru kidnaps a fugitive American playboy, she crosses ...Read More

Bob Marley - The Lost Tapes

Born on February 6th, 1945, in Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica, Robert Nesta Marley brought the reggae music sound to the world and dedicated his life to global freedom. With over 75 million albums sold worldwide, Bob Marley remains one of history's top-selling artists. In this new documentary arrival, we delve into Marley's revolutionary ideals through 60 minutes of rare...Read More

U2: War

With the help of immaculately researched archival performance footage, War is analysed by a team of critics and insiders. Featuring highlights from New Years Day, Sunday Bloody Sunday and more.


Now “the most repulsive, degrading and horrifying movie ever made” (NY Daily News) can be experienced like never before: When a homicidal mental patient (an enduringly disturbing performance by Baird Stafford) flees an experimental drug program, he’ll leave a 5-day trail of psychosexual carnage from the peep shows of 42nd Street to the gore-soaked shores of Florida....Read More

Visitors From The Arkana Galaxy

A truly gonzo Croatian sci-fi / fantasy / comedy about a struggling writer named Robert who dreams up a story of gold-skinned alien androids named Andra, Targo and Ulu from a distant planet. Incredibly, his fictional alien creations become reality, causing chaos in his relationship with his girlfriend Biba and threatening his small seaside village. The alluring lead...Read More

The Psychic

Shortly before he surrendered to the gory excesses of horror, Lucio Fulci - the notorious director of ZOMBIE and PERVERSION STORY - crafted one last brilliant thriller with a killer twist. Jennifer O'Neill of SCANNERS stars as a clairvoyant tormented by visions of a violent murder. But will her own investigation into the crime lead to the most shocking discovery of ...Read More

Forevermoore: The Angelo Project

The documentary "ForeverMoore; The Angelo Project" follows the life of Angelo Moore of Fishbone featuring appearances by members of the band. Angelo Moore devotes his life to weaving a legacy; crafting art through spoken word, music, and fashion. As an African American forerunner in the early 80's LA punk rock scene, he inspired others to embrace nonconformity. Livi...Read More

Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein

Inspired by Universal’s 1940s monster mash-ups, writer/director Jess Franco instead delivered “a weird and wonderful masterpiece that transports you to a world like no other” (Scream Magazine). With minimal dialogue and maximum gothic atmosphere, Franco crafts a fever dream of erotic horror in which Count Dracula (Howard Vernon), Dr. Frankenstein (Dennis Price), his...Read More

Benny's Bathtub

Populated by singing (and barely dressed) Mermaids, a funky hepcat Octopus and whiskey-drinking Skeleton Pirates, the underwater kingdom is the grooviest scene this side of Yellow Submarine, with helpings of Dr. Seuss, Sid & Marty Krofft and Harry Nilsson's The Point thrown in. (Danish kids' entertainment in the early 1970s was truly outtasite!) In addition to the c...Read More

La Madre Muerta (The Dead Mother)

Ismael (Karra Elejalde, Timecrimes) breaks into the house of a fine art restorer and shoots the homeowner dead, leaving her daughter orphaned and traumatized for life. Years later Ismael is working in a bar where he sees the daughter again. Paranoid that she has recognised him and will report him, he kidnaps her and holds her hostage, demanding that her hospital pay...Read More

Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession

An American psychiatrist (Art Garfunkel) working in Vienna is drawn to a beautiful but self-destructive married woman (Theresa Russell), but their torrid affair threatens to destroy them body and soul in this erotically charged tale also starring Harvey Keitel and Denholm Elliott. Described by its own distributors as "a sick film made by sick people for sick people,...Read More

Night Flight - Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Video Profile

Tonight’s Video Profile looks at Minneapolis writers, performers, and legendary super producers: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Bassist Terry Lewis met Keyboard player Jimmy Harris when they were handpicked by Prince for one of Minneapolis's great spinoff bands: The Time. "C...O...O...L"! Night Flight takes us through a tour of classics the pair wrote and produced from ...Read More

Monster from the Ocean Floor

B-movie maverick Roger Corman started his own production career with this entertaining sci-fi shocker! While vacationing in a coastal Mexican village, artist Julie Blair learns of a local superstition involving a man-eating "sea devil". Little does she know, the locals have set her up as the monster's next sacrificial victimand it's only a matter of time before the ...Read More

Tender Dracula

The first and only film in which Peter Cushing portrayed a vampire is also the most unapologetically bizarre movie of his entire career. When horror’s biggest star (Cushing) announces his retirement from the genre, two dimwit screenwriters and a pair of sexy actresses are dispatched to the actor’s castle for a lavish farce d’horreur érotique of violence, whippings, ...Read More

Nezura 1964

1963 Summer. Nagano, the president of the Daiei Film Company, is in need of a new hit movie. He’s convinced by his special effects director Tsukaji to make a giant monster motion picture - but to outdo the studios’ competitors, not just any monster movie, but a “Giant Horde Beast” feature. Along with veteran director Muraoka, assistant director Yukawa, and producer ...Read More

Cat City

Unflappable and unstoppable mouse secret agent Nick Grabovsky (László Sinkó) with his deadpan voice, baggy pants and a big "G" on his shirt, goes up against the criminal cat gang run by the sinister, metal-pawed Mr. Teufel (Miklós Benedek), in Hungarian director Béla Ternovszky's surreal, animated sci-fi treasure. Set in the year 80 AMM ("After Mickey Mouse") on Pla...Read More

Night Flight - Night Ranger Video Profile

"Motorin!" Night Flight, in its third season in '83, sat down with the Sacramento-based Arena Rock outfit Night Ranger, known for the power ballad "Sister Christian," who were promoting promoting their album Dawn Patrol. There's also a tour promo for Joni Mitchell, presented by Mattel, to kick things off.

Radio On

Christopher Petit's debut feature Radio On is the rare road movie from England. Since its 1979 release, it's become a cult classic. Robert (David Beames), the film's enigmatic protagonist, embarks on a road trip from London to Bristol, to investigate the recent death of his brother. A remarkable collection of art rock, punk and new wave--David Bowie, Devo, Kraftwerk...Read More

Class Of 1984

Directed and co-written by Mark L. Lester (Class of 1999, Commando, Firestarter), Class of 1984 is one of the seminal cult movies of the early 1980s. While its vision of a decaying, violence-plagued inner city school seemed over the top in 1982, it sadly prophesied the future of American education. With an original story and screenplay co-written by genre veteran To...Read More

Rock 'n' Roll High School

Vince Lombardi High School has quite a reputation: it's the wildest, most rockin' high school around! That is, until a thug of a principal, Miss Togar, comes along and tries to make the school a totalitarian state. With the help of the Ramones, the students of Vince Lombardi battle Miss Togar's iron-fisted rule and take their battle to a truly explosive conclusion!

Deodato Holocaust

A documentary by Felipe M. Guerra that explores the film-by-film triumphs, tragedies and controversies of notorious filmmaker Ruggero Deodato. "Great information and insider stories, all coming from the man himself, Ruggero Deodato, who is never afraid to say exactly how he feels." — Sean Leonard,

Night Flight - Koko Taylor Video Profile

"You can have my husband, but please don't mess with my man!" In tonight's Night Flight original episode from 1983, we treated to a vivid (and mostly unseen) performance from Chicago Blues legend Koko Taylor. Raucous and raw, the Memphis-born Taylor and her band take the audience through a medley of blue standards and hits, including the 1964 energizing anthem: "Wan...Read More

Nightclubbing: The Birth Of Punk Rock In NYC

Nightclubbing is the first ever documentary about the renowned New York City nightclub Max's Kansas City (1965-1981) which had an indelible impact on the world of music, fashion, art, culture and the creation of the New York City Punk Rock scene.

The Unknown Man Of Shandigor

Swiss director Jean-Louis Roy’s long-lost mid-1960s Cold War super-spy thriller is a marvelous and surreal hall of mirrors, part-DR. Strangelove, part-Alphaville, with sly nods to British TV shows like “The Avengers.” The film stars a Who’s Who of great Sixties character actors starting with the unforgettable Daniel Emilfork as crazed scientist Herbert Von Krantz, w...Read More

House on the Edge of the Park

For his follow-up to Cannibal Holocaust, director Ruggero Deodato delivered a shocker packed with even more cruelty and controversy. 40+ years later, it remains one of the most disturbing exploitation films of all time: David Hess of The Last House on the Left infamy stars as a charismatic psychopath who, with his equally unhinged sidekick, turns a get-together of c...Read More

Kill Zone

The savagery of "The Deer Hunter", the brutality of "First Blood" and the unbridled power of "Rambo" come together to create the most intense film yet about the effects of the Vietnam War - KILL ZONE. Colonel Crawford (David Campbell, Killer Workout), the sadistic commander of an advanced military training center known as "Scare Camp", has created the most grueli...Read More

Prague Nights

In the vein of horror anthologies like Bava's BLACK SABBATH, the long-unseen PRAGUE NIGHTS is a gorgeous and supernatural vision of ancient and modern Prague: caught between Mod Sixties fashions and nightmarish Medieval catacombs, and filled with Qabbalistic magic, occult rituals, clockwork automatons and satanic visitors. In the first tale, director Jiří Brdečka...Read More

A Boy and His Dog

World War IV has ravaged Earth, and its survivors must battle for food, shelter and companionship in a post-atomic wasteland. This classic sci-fi tale follows the exploits of a young man, Vic (Don Johnson), and his telepathic dog, Blood, as they struggle through the barren wilderness. In the midst of their meager existence, foraging for scraps of food and battling r...Read More

Sex and Broadcasting: A Film About WFMU

Sex and Broadcasting is a human, and humorous, look at New Jersey’s WFMU, a radio station that refuses any programming boundaries. Most of its disc jockeys are unpaid volunteers, working for their love of surprising, spontaneous radio. They play everything from flat-out uncategorizable strangeness to every form of rock and roll, experimental music, jazz, psychedelia...Read More

Night Flight - Self-Help Video Break

Night Flight’s here to help you keep those New Year’s Resolutions! In our Self-Help Video Break (a video mashup from the NF editors similar to Atomic TV and Rockin’ Ronnie), we’re treated to “words of wisdom” from artists who have lived life in the fast-lane. Featuring RAD drug PSAs from Gene Simmons and Jon Bon Jovi, Carrie McDowell's "Uh Uh, No No Casual Sex" and ...Read More

Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession

Xan Cassavetes' film explores the euphoric rise and tragic descent of Z Channel, Los Angeles’ first pay cable service and its virtuosic film programmer Jerry Harvey. Launched in 1974, Z Channel quickly became required viewing for Hollywood bigwigs and cinephiles alike. Harvey programmed old films, euro films, lost films as well as genre flicks, Hollywood blockbuster...Read More

Path of Blood

Path of Blood is a blood-spraying, sword-clanging, mind-blowing samurai epic made entirely inside the confines of one man’s kitchen. Shot frame-by-frame in traditional paper stop motion (like the pilot episode of SOUTH PARK), the film boasts a unique visual style paired with a visceral tale of samurai, bandits, and deadly ninja. Japan, 1614. War is over. Samurai ...Read More

The Pied Piper

Director Jiří Barta’s stop-motion animated masterpiece, based on The Pied Piper of Hamelin, is set in a dark and twisted medieval village of narrow streets and weird Gothic arches, half-CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI and half-Jan van Eyck. The money-obsessed citizens, carved out of wood blocks and speaking in an onomatopoeic babble, are like George Grosz caricatures, liter...Read More

Motorhead: Video Biography

"My earliest memory is shouting. At what and for what reason, I don't know. Probably a tantrum; or I may have been rehearsing." LEMMY KILMISTER After a thirty-year career that has spawned twenty seven best selling albums and seen eleven different line ups, Motörhead has achieved legendary status as the loudest, hardest heavy metal machine on the planet. During t...Read More

Underground Civilization

Underground Civilization is a 100-minute documentary that spotlights a sub-culture: the death metal music scene surrounding Washington D.C. in the 1990s. Featuring live music by Deceased, Abominog, Morbius, and others, Underground Civilization follows the stories of three death metal bands through the last decade of the 20th century and the crazy events, people, and...Read More

Night Flight - Marilyn Monroe Video Profile

“She was born Norma Jeane Baker in 1926,” Pat Prescott says at the start of tonight’s new Video Profile, “but as Marilyn Monroe, she became a sex symbol that millions of women modeled themselves after and millions of men dreamed about.” Night Flight’s tribute to the icon features Monroe’s 1950 original screen test with Richard Conte for 20th Century Fox’s “Cold ...Read More

Black Christmas

The college town of Bedford is receiving an unwelcome guest this Christmas. As the residents of sorority house Pi Kappa Sigma prepare for the festive season, a stranger begins to stalk the house. A series of obscene phone calls start to plague the sorority and it becomes clear that a psychopath has more than merriment on his mind. As the police try to trace the phon...Read More

Ski Troop Attack

In Ski Troop Attack, legendary B movie director Roger Corman brings his considerable talent to the war genre. The results are typical Corman: plenty of action and suspense, all on a shoestring budget. Tasked with blowing up an important railroad bridge, an American patrol crosses behind enemy lines on skis! This unorthodox strategy is difficult enough, but made wors...Read More


Drop into the Pacific Northwest in the early '90s and watch a vibrant underground music scene explode into a global "grunge" media frenzy. Hype! follows the music from local bands playing for their friends, to Sub Pop Record’s brilliant exploitation of "the Seattle Sound," to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" hitting #1 on the charts. Questions of money, authentic...Read More

Visible Secret

Spirits lurk everywhere in Ann (Boat People) Hui’s horror-comedy, Visible Secret. Instantly infatuated by enigmatic amnesiac June (Shu Qi, Millennium Mambo) who has the ability to see spirits, Peter is swept into a world where he has one foot in the past, one in the present, and somehow has to figure out which is which. Beautifully shot by legendary cinematographer ...Read More

Yakuza Graveyard

Featuring the iconic Meiko Kaji (Lady Snowblood), Yakuza Graveyard finds gritty action filmmaker Kinji Fukasaku (Battle Royale) at the peak of his powers. Things begin to spiral out of control for detective Kuroiwa (Tetsuya Watari, Graveyard of Honour) when he falls for the beautiful wife of the jailed boss of the Nishida gang. In a world where the line between ...Read More

Scream Of The Demon Lover

Though he made only two horror films, veteran writer/director José Luis Merino here embraces the genre's classic elements and ravishes them to vivid extremes: When a beautiful biochemist (Erna Schurer) arrives at a foreboding castle to work for a sinister baron, she'll unlock a nightmare of dark romance, sexual violence, grisly family secrets and some of the most pe...Read More

The Lambada Workout

Want a workout routine that's a blast from the past? Look no further than "The Lambada Workout!" From the sexy beaches of Brazil to the steamy nightspots of Europe comes the dance sensation that’s sweeping the nation! Let the team of “fantastically fit” Lambada dancers guide you through this 30 minute workout from the Night Flight archives.

Blood and Thunder: The Sound of Alberts (Part 1)

Part 1 of the two-part documentary series takes viewers back to the '60s and '70s and charts how Australia got its own rock 'n' roll thanks to the life-long bond between music company Albert Productions and The Youngs.

Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All Time (Vol. 1 - Midnight Madness)

From The Rocky Horror Picture Show to The Big Lebowski and everything in between, this fascinating deep-dive documentary begins its celebration of the greatest cult movies of all-time discussing the birth of the midnight movie. Part 1 of the documentary series about the greatest Cult Films of all time! Starring Jeff Bridges, Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Smith, Rob Reiner and more.

Night Flight - Music Video Festival 2023

Night Flight is proud to present the 10 winners of our first Night Flight Music Video Film Festival, selected by Night Flight founder Stuart S. Shapiro. We are thrilled to see that music video creativity of independent directors and artists from unsigned acts is so vibrant and prolific. Congrats to director Tony Grayson, whose video "Wicked Wild" by The Metalliques ...Read More

Atari: Game Over

This enthralling documentary chronicles the fall of the Atari Corporation and investigates one of the biggest mysteries of all time, dubbed “The Great Video Game Burial of 1983.” In the early 1980s, Atari supposedly buried nearly a million copies of “E.T. the Extra Terrestrial” -- one of the company’s biggest commercial failures and often cited as one of the worst g...Read More

The Upsetter: The Life and Music of Lee Scratch Perry

The Upsetter tells the wild, weed-fueled story of Lee “Scratch” Perry — a visionary Jamaican musician, artist and all around madman — who burst upon the Kingston scene in the ‘50s with a brand new sound, inventing a genre of music that would come to be called Reggae. He went on to discover a young Bob Marley and gained international recognition as a solo artist and ...Read More

We Were Famous, You Don't Remember: The Embarrassment

Ignited by punk’s invasion of the Great Plains, America’s gawkiest and greatest lost rock band battles conformity in Reagan-era Kansas. The Embarrassment played Chicago, D.C., and New York, drawing the attention of influential figures like Allen Ginsberg, John Cale, and Jonathan Demme — but their independence and refusal to sell out sparked tension within the group ...Read More

The Miami Vice Incident

The Miami Vice Incident explores a 35-year rift in a family caused by an episode of Miami Vice.

Con Artist

Con Artist is a stylishly dark docu-comedy excavating America s craving for fame and fortune via one of its most outrageous addicts. Once a legitimate art star in the 1980s New York scene, millionaire business artist Mark Kostabi hires others to conceive and create paintings which he openly signs and sells as his own. Over the course of this highly energetic charact...Read More

Night Flight - New Sounds (August 1988)

Welcome aboard Night Flight's New Sounds circa 1988. Tonight, we'll climb into the cockpit with Paul Kelly and the Messengers, Gentlemen Without Weapons, The Christians, and some high-tech irony in "Disco Dancer" from the Spud boys of Akron, Ohio: DEVO.


Part Kafka, part Agatha Christie and part Monty Python, director Karen Shakhnazarov's surreal satire of Communism follows an Everyman engineer named Varakin (Leonid Filatov) who arrives in a remote city where nothing quite makes sense, but everyone acts as if it does.  In Zerograd, we’re treated to a bizarre and wonderful sideshow of non sequiturs out of a Wes An...Read More

The Five Days

After Four Flies on Grey Velvet, Dario Argento stepped away from giallo to create what remains the only non-horror/thriller - and least-seen film - of his career: Set during 1848's five-day siege of Milan by the Austrian army, a cynical thief (pop star Adriano Celentano) teams with a naïve young baker to survive the brutality and absurdity of the Italian Revolution....Read More

Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All Time (Vol. 2 - Horror & Sci-Fi)

The greatest cult horror and science fiction films of all-time are studied in vivid detail in the second volume of Time Warp. Includes groundbreaking classics like Night of the Living Dead, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and sci-fi gems such as Blade Runner, and A Clockwork Orange. Starring Joe Dante, John Waters, Ileana Douglas, and Jeff Goldblum.

Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All Time (Vol. 3 - Comedy & Camp)

The final volume of Time Warp digs deep into what makes us laugh over and over again as we reveal the greatest cult comedies and campy classics of all-time. From Fast Time at Ridgemont High and Office Space to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Showgirls. Starring Illeana Douglas, John Cleese, Roger Corman, and Kevin Smith.


NOVEMBER is set in a pagan Estonian village where werewolves, the plague, and spirits roam. Rainer Sarnet’s third feature film is a bold, twisted fairy tale about unrequited love. In NOVEMBER, the villagers’ main problem is how to survive the cold, dark winter. And, to that aim, nothing is taboo. People steal from each other, from their German manor lords, from spir...Read More

The Return Of Swamp Thing

Everyone's favorite muck-encrusted plant-man falls in love with Dr. Arcane's sexy daughter and must rescue her from her father's nefarious and murderous plans. Heather Locklear stars as the vegetarian plant-lover in this superhero comic book adaptation. Also starring Louis Jourdan, Dick Durock, and Sarah Douglas. From legendary cult film director Jim Wynorski (Chopp...Read More

Hard Core Logo

"The punk-rock Spinal Tap!" - The New York Times. Hard Core Logo is a Canadian punk mockumentary about a legendary (but fictive) Canuck hardcore unit that reunites years after its acrimonious breakup to play a one-shot benefit. Despite personal differences, former band mates of the legendary 'defunct HARD CORE LOGO reunite for a benefit concert for their aging pu...Read More

The Giant Gila Monster

The classic era of drive-in schlock was near its end in 1959, but there was still time for The Giant Gila Monster, a no-budget howler from producer Gordon McLendon. In The Giant Gila Monster, a lizard takes on a small town. If that's not enough for you, there are plenty of cool cars and some ersatz rock 'n' roll sung by the movie's star, Don Sullivan (The Monster of...Read More


All the pleasures of the flesh and malevolence of black magic collide in this newly remastered and uncensored version of Jim Wynorski’s SORCERESS (aka TEMPTRESS). Presented for the first time ever from a new 2K scan of the original uncut film element. Larry Barnes (Larry Poindexter) is on the fast track to a partnership in a prestigious law firm, and his sexy wit...Read More

Delta Space Mission

Long-lost 1980s Romanian animated sci-fi film DELTA SPACE MISSION in incredibly strange and beautiful work of galactic eye candy that defies all rules of perspective and logic; like M.C. Escher and Moebius teaming up on a Romanian Saturday morning cartoon. In the year 3084, a Modigliani-esque alien journalist with blue-green skin, Alma, boards a state-of-the-art...Read More


Directed by Sam Raimi and written by the Coen Brothers. In a slapstick spoof of hit men and crime stories, the head of a security systems company is bumped off by two gonzo exterminators who have gone from stomping out pesky varmints to stomping out human targets. The exterminators go after the partner who hired them and his blatantly obnoxious wife (Louise Lasser) ...Read More

Night Flight - Millie Jackson Video Profile

During Night Flight’s second season, interviewer Al Banderio sat down with the “Queen of Sass” Millie Jackson for a ribald interview that is emblematic of Night Flight's unique approach to music television. Jackson discusses her disdain for FCC, the qualities she looks for in a man (“nice feet, and a nice round ass,”), her love of Country and much more while promoti...Read More

Inspector Ike

Inspector Ike, New York City’s greatest police detective, finds himself in a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse after the conniving understudy of an avant-garde theater group knocks off the star actor. A “lost TV movie” from the 1970’s, INSPECTOR IKE mixes visual gags, slapstick, gross food, and heartfelt emotion. Think COLUMBO meets THE NAKED GUN, featuring a rogue'...Read More

Not On The Heep: The Heavy Metal Saga Of Lee Kerslake

At the Dawn of Heavy Metal, the sun rose to the beat of Lee Kerslake's drums. Through his halcyon days with Uriah Heep, his controversial times with Ozzy Osbourne and his potentially career ending illnesses, this film follows Lee as he attempts to overcome his greatest obstacles. It celebrates his immortal music, but also his courageous confrontation with his own mo...Read More

Night Flight - TV 2000 (Episode 17)

Welcome to TV 2000! Join your hosts Joie Gallo and Lisa Robinson for a tour of the hottest videos across the country, circa 1985. Tonight, we “belong to the city” with Eagle Glen Fry fresh off his debut acting role on Miami Vice, Talking Heads, Ready for the World, the ever languid casanova Bryan Ferry, and Run DMC in a preview section covering the Sheila E starring...Read More

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Rock Around America

Welcome to Night Flight’s “Take Off” to Rock Around America, with songs and videos that celebrate American life, it’s people, the land, and its musical history. Born out of a revolt against society, and nurtured by a rebellious of the ‘60s, Rock has often carried the banner of Revolution. Featuring Matthew Wilder’s “The Kid’s American,” Randy Newman, Frank Sinatra’s...Read More

T. Rex - Up Close and Personal

T. Rex's genre defining glam rock album Electric Warrior was released 52 years ago this weekend. This new arrival draws on the recollections of T.Rex insiders, such as Bill Legend, the only surviving member of the classic early seventies line up and a team of rock journalists. Up Close and Personal also features superb archive footage of T.Rex in performance.

Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields

Stephin Merritt's distinctive singing voice and witty lyrics about life and love make his band, the Magnetic Fields, a cultishly adored indie rock group. His decades-long friendship with Claudia Gonson, his bandmate and manager, provides fuel for his music, while his eccentric working habits contribute to his image as a singularly talented musician and writer. Inter...Read More

A Moment Of Romance

A Moment of Romance is a classic of Hong Kong cinema that has been much imitated but rarely bettered. With a breakneck pace and violence reminiscent of To and Takashi Miike and the beautiful and emotive sensibility of Wong Kar-wai, the film features stunning performances from Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs), and Jacklyn Chien-Lien Wu in her debut work. Small-time hood W...Read More

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Also known as Where Time Began. Continuing an illustrious tradition that began in the earliest days of cinema, Juan Piquer Simón (Pieces) brings one of Jules Verne’s greatest works to film. Kenneth More (Scrooge) stars as the leader of a 19th-century expedition to the Earth’s core that will reveal primordial wonders, prehistoric monsters and a subterranean civilizat...Read More

New York Doll

Arthur "Killer" Kane, of the glam-punk rock band the New York Dolls, disappeared from the music scene after the band's break-up and found new life as a Mormon. Thirty years later, musician Morrissey offers the Dolls a chance to reunite. For Arthur, the reunion is a decades-long dream that, as it turns out, comes not a moment too soon.

Megazone 23

THE ULTIMATE VIRTUAL REALITY TRIP! Something strange is happening in Tokyo and it's up to Shogo to unravel the mystery! When the young rebel stumbles upon a top secret weapon, he can't possibly know what dangers await him. Determined to learn the truth behind this bizarre war machine -and avenge his friend's murder- Shogo is thrust into a complex web of political in...Read More

Megazone 23: Part 2

The sequel to the groundbreaking animation film that put Original Video Animation (OVA) on the map. B.D. is now the secret ruler of Megazone 23, and Yahagi Shōgo is a wanted fugitive. The alien Dezalg are redoubling their assaults, and it is only a matter of time before the city is destroyed. The secret to salvation may lie with the EVE program, which means Shōgo mu...Read More


Deep in a tropical jungle, a team of scientists has unearthed the bones of an ancient creature, buried in the ruins of a forgotten civilization. Led by the gifted but unorthodox Dr. Karl Wessinger (Jürgen Prochnow), the team has discovered a way to remove strands of DNA from the bones of the fossil. Now all they need to reanimate the creature and bring to life the f...Read More

Night Flight - Video Mix (1983)

This Night Flight original episode from our 1983 season is rife with deep cuts and nostalgic video gems from a lost era. The highlight is of course, Nameneko Punk Rock Kittens which features cats in punk outfits on cat-sized diorama sets (known as Perlorian cats in the US) created by photographer and artist Satoru Tsuda. These feline punkers join the ranks of other ...Read More

Female Perversions

In her US film debut, Academy Award© winner Tilda Swinton stars as a bi-sexual lawyer on the edge of professional breakthrough, personal breakdown, and sexual awakening. An erotic psychological drama that dives into the whirlpool of gender and sexuality as it plays out in the world of power and the male gaze. Shocking when it was first released in 1995, it is now de...Read More

Night Killer

Somewhere between ZOMBIE 4 and TROLL 2, writer/director Claudio Fragasso - here under the name 'Clyde Anderson' - set out to direct a suspense thriller about a suicidal beauty, an unstable sleazebag and a masked killer with a razor-fingered glove. But when the producers received Fragasso's cut, they hired his former partner Bruno Mattei (Robowar) to shoot additional...Read More

The Twentieth Century

Toronto, 1899. Aspiring young politician Mackenzie King (Dan Beirne) dreams of becoming the Prime Minister of Canada. But his romantic vacillation between a British soldier and a French nurse, exacerbated by a fetishistic obsession, may well bring about his downfall. In his quest for power, King must gratify the expectations of his imperious Mother, the hawkish fant...Read More

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Heavy Metal Comedy

"Boy isn't heavy metal a lot of fun!" says Mr. Bill at the start of Night FLight's special "Take Off" to Heavy Metal Comedy, (before an untimely death by anvil.) And Mr. Bill is right: Heavy Metal is a reliably comedic genre, intentional or not. This episode kicks off with Alcatrazz's "God Blessed," a satire of MTV that doomed its chances of airplay on that channel,...Read More

The Visitants

Rick Sloane's The Visitants (1986) is set in the neon colored 1950s and chronicles the hi-jinx which ensue following the theft of a ray gun by a teenage boy from his bizarre neighbors who just happen to be aliens who have embedded themselves within a sleepy suburban neighborhood.

Dance Me Outside

Silas Crow (Ryan Black) and Frank Fencepost (Adam Beach) are two average 18 year olds who live on a reservation in Northern Ontario. They hope to get into a Toronto mechanic's school, but must write a story for their entrance exam first. The whole community is then shocked when one of their friends is killed by a drunken punk at a local hangout. When he gets out of ...Read More

The Departure

Ittetsu Nemoto, a former punk-turned-Buddhist-priest in Japan, has made a career out of helping suicidal people find reasons to live. But this work has come increasingly at the cost of his own family and health, as he refuses to draw lines between those he counsels and himself. The Departure captures Nemoto at a crossroads, when his growing self-destructive tendenci...Read More