Night Flight Audio Interviews

Night Flight Audio Interview - Billy Idol

Remastered from the original 1984 interview. Billy Idol talks to interviewer Lisa Robinson about the evolution of his sound, why he doesn't consider himself a rock star, and the punk scene.

Night Flight Audio Interview - Frank Zappa

Remastered from the original 1985 interview. Frank Zappa stopped by the Night Flight studios to talk about music videos, censorship, the PMRC and what it's like to play in his band.

Night Flight Audio Interview - Lou Reed

Remastered from the original 1984 interview. Lou Reed's 1984 Night Flight Interview covers poetry in pop music, his appreciation for Hip-Hop, and The Velvet Underground's legacy. "Adults always reject Rock 'n' Roll."

Night Flight Audio Interview - Wendy O. Williams

Remastered from the original 1984 interview. Wendy O. Williams sat down with Night Flight's Al Bandiero in July, 1984 to discuss her solo album, writing with Kiss, insane music video stunts and being a Motörhead fan. "I'm an adrenaline freak!"

Night Flight Audio Interview - Robert Smith

Remastered from the original 1986 interview. Robert Smith tells interviewer Lisa Robinson about what motivated him to start The Cure, being in a “gloomy band” and why 99% of music is boring.