Night Flight's 1980s Shorts

Machine Song

Chel White's "minimalist vision of the post-industrial human condition, depicted in xerox cutout animation."

The Musical Doctor

A 1932 Rudy Vallee short is remixed for Night Flight audiences.


Comedienne Renee Taylor's parody of the Fellini films of the 1960s.


A Yugoslavian cat and mouse animation by director Darko Cesar, who went on to become a veteran Disney animator.

The Yentatainer

A bar mitsvah band director searches for a new singer.


Five identical men balance themselves on an ever-shifting plane.


A rhythmic collection of sounds, textures and images.

Mr Gloom

A psychedelic, hand-drawn theatre of the absurd.

The Lemon Man

A criminal duo commits bizarre, lemon-based crimes.

Beats and Rhymes

A dance-off at a school.

Special Delivery

Ralph encounters a mailman's dead body on his porch.

Friday and Clyde

A man lives in a computer program.

Why I Got Into TV & Other Stories

A series of vignettes told by a woman relating to her television obsession.

Thousands Watch

A man threatens to commit suicide off a tall building.


A series of short images, often related to televisions.


A man in the desert encounters a soda fountain.

Skin Deep From Outer Space

An abstract alien abduction.

Chump Change

An underachiever is fired from his construction job.


A spoof of educational films about gravity.

Squeal of Death

A wimpy young boy becomes obsessed with gangster films.

Aisles of Doom

An evil demon runs a toy store.


Two "expressionistic wackos" argue over a glass of juice.

The Audition

A mean bulldog ringleader puts a worm through a harrowing audition.

Dawn of the Night of the Dead... the Musical

A wacky musical comedy parody of George A. Romero's zombie films.


A young girl develops telekinesis.