Night Flight: New Wave Theatre, Flash Tracks & Video Vaults

Classic Night Flight episodes featuring New Wave Theatre, Flash Tracks and Video Vaults.

Night Flight - "Heavy Metal Heroes" and "Video Vault"

This installment Heavy Metal Heroes features mind-melting video classics from the likes of April Wine, Alcatrazz, Girlschool & W.A.S.P. Videos of the finest vintage from David Bowie, The Clash, Fleetwood Mac, Blondie & The Police are served chilled direct from Night Flight vaults.

Night Flight - Flash Tracks Episode 11

Eclectic music video magic from Amazulu, The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite & Thrashing Doves

Night Flight - "Mega Video Vault"

A selection of innovative, landmark 1980s music videos from Devo, Tony Powers, Will Powers, Elvis Costello, Grace Jones, Chaka Khan, Peter Wolf & David Lee Roth.

Night Flight - Video Gallery: Sex

Sex in music video form featuring censored and uncensored videos from David Bowie, Mary Jane Girls, Miquel Brown, Duran Duran, and more...

Best of New Wave Theatre

A special program containing the ultimate highlights from the critically acclaimed nationally broadcast music/comedy cable program that literally revolutionized rock & roll television during its three year run. New Wave Theatre established its music guru host the late Peter Ivers as one of cable's top stars in America and as the voice and vision of the LA music rena...Read More

Night Flight - Flash Tracks (2/26/88)

Your original Night Flight programming returns with a 1988 episode of Flash Tracks. Tonight we have neo-60s psychedelia Australian style with Hoodoo Gurus, gritty english rock Flesh for Lulu, and from Bradford, England it's "Sanctuary” for your soul with The Cult! And for a timely bonus, stay tuned at the end of this episode for Australia's roaming reporter Norma...Read More

New Wave Theatre - June 1983, originally from 1982 (with Elvira!)

"Elvira and I are a perfect couple, so we may get married. At a RED WEDDING!" - Peter Ivers This episode of Night Flight favorite NWT features musical acts Bad Religion, Red Wedding, Monitor, Party Boys, Brainiacs and Ghost Host Elvira.

Night Flight - Video Flash Tracks

It's time for more video flash tracks. Presenting video portraits of The Style Council, Fields of The Nephilim and Aztec Camera. First, we point the viewfinder at Glasgow act Aztec Camera's folk fusion of jazz chords and bossanova rhythms. Then it's on to our next act: Rising like ghosts from a swamp, the London band Fields of the Nephilim combine the dusty, lawless...Read More

Night Flight - Video Flash Tracks: Thomas Dolby and Metal In Your Face

Night Flight profiles sonic wizard Thomas Dolby in this special episode of Video Flash Tracks. Cut with some of Dolby's best tracks, Pat Prescott brings us up to speed with Thomas Dolby's history in pop and status as one of its best collaborators with the inclusion of his 1988 George Clinton collaboration "Hot Sauce." This episode also features extra coverage on Whi...Read More

Night Flight - New Sounds (12/10/88) and Video Flash Tracks

Side A: Welcome to New Sounds highlighting the burgeoning acts and micro-genres of the late 80s with Belgian synth act Front 242 (with a video from iconic photographer Anton Corbijn), Australian punk act Lime Spiders, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians massive hit “What I Am,” and some fantastic Joy Division inspired coldwave from Siglo XX. Side B: Time for some...Read More

Night Flight - Devo Video Vault and New Age

Only Night Flight could find a way to program classic Devo cuts with soothing mystical New Age. Relive that original programming style tonight by climbing into Night Flight's video vault for a Devo retrospective featuring some of the best Devo videos using the pioneering experimental video techniques they did so well. For part 2, sit back and relax as we explore ...Read More

Night Flight - Video Gallery: Australia

Night Flight goes down under for an early Australian cultural invasion circa 1983. We looks at the land of Oz for deep cuts from Olivia Newton John, Brisbane natives the Bee Gee's, INXS, Jo Jo Zep, Mental As Anything and of course, how could we miss General Hospital's Rick Springfield. Bonus: check out the short section on Australian Film!

Night Flight - Flash Tracks (1987)

In this excellent Flash Tracks episode from June, 1987 Night Flight covers Women in Rock including Siouxsie and the Banshees, Yazoo's Alison Moyet and Suzanne Vega. Born Susan Janet Ballion in a London suburb, Siouxsie Sioux cut her musical teeth on rock legends the Sex Pistols and David Bowie. Siouxsie Sioux brought unrestrained fashion and rock together, (what ...Read More

Night Flight - "Flash Tracks" and Junkers

"Welcome to Night Flight's Video Flash Tracks", with rapid fire bios and rock videos from Sisters Of Mercy, Timbuk3, and "Junkers," an international award winner about a trusting yuppie on the backroads of America.

"New Wave Theatre" - Show 9 (1982)

Examining and monitoring LA's new music renaissance with host Peter Ivers. "Welcome to New Wave Theatre. Monitoring the new music scene is a discovery into the minds and artistic souls of its artists... one of the last roads to freedom left is through the world of art and entertainment." Featuring Fear, Powertrip, Carnival of Souls, Red Wedding and more…

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Crime and Video Vault 7

In "Take Off To Crime," get ready for greed, gunshots and gangsters with David Bowie, Tony Powers, Madhouse and more... Unlock this week's video vault with Toni Basil, Paul Simon and other groundbreaking music video moments from the 80s.

Night Flight - Simple Minds Profile and Pretenders Video Vault

This video profile on Simple Minds features backstory on the Scottish act and multiple videos throughout the bands career arc. Night Flight mines the video vault for select cuts from the Pretenders.

Night Flight - "Flash Tracks: Bauhaus and Sons" and "Videos from The Attic"

This first part of this classic Night Flight broadcast from 5/6/88 features music videos from legendary British goth rockers Bauhaus and their spin-off group Love and Rockets along with dark entries from singer-gone-solo Peter Murphy. Videos from the Attic revives several classics from Blancmange, Eurythmics, Billy Idol, Fine Young Cannibals, Peter Gabriel, and More.

Night Flight - Politics In Music Videos (1984)

Tonight we present another edition of Politics in Music Video with John Lennon, Nena, U2, Men at Work and the Fixx. As we dig through the massive vault of Night Flight tapes, we see more and more that politics were a recurring theme for our 1980s writers. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise if you read Night Flight creator Stuart S. Shapiro’s recent book "Identi...Read More

Night Flight - Machine Medley (Video Essay)

Night Flight’s classic “Video Essays” were a completely unique programming concept for the era. Lead by Night Flight’s writer Stuart Samuels (an instructor at the Cannes Film Festival), editors crafted hypnotizing video collages sourced from public domain archive footage and lost video artifacts - all linked by a common theme. Tonight’s original episode is the Vi...Read More

Night Flight - Visions of Vintage Videos

Fresh from the vault, an original episode of Night Flight that surveys early TV performances and visuals from rock canon, before the music video revolution. Check out some legendary Beat Club performances (in impeccable quality from the 2 inch masters), stick around for Night Flight Trivia and bonus: all the original commercials.

Night Flight - August 1983 (Alan Vega, The Video Artist)

August, 1983. The reassuring voice of Pat Prescott is summoning you through the TV into an alternative dimension of wonder that is... Night Flight. “Def Leppard is still out on tour supporting the Pyromania album, and Night Flight has ALL the latest information.” Tonight's episode contains a lost Alan Vega video for “Video Babe,” a new “Video Artist” segment with an...Read More

Night Flight - Videos Around The World

Tonight, Night Flight’s “Take Off” goes around the world in 1984. “It’s a rock ’n’ roll travelogue” Pat Prescott says, before introducing an eclectic mix of videos united by their on-location shots in unique and famous places around the world. Featuring Juluka's "Umbaqanga," Blancmange in Egypt, a tour of the US with Randy Andy and a new age city flight with Jean Lu...Read More

Night Flight - Video Mix (1983)

This Night Flight original episode from our 1983 season is rife with deep cuts and nostalgic video gems from a lost era. The highlight is of course, Nameneko Punk Rock Kittens which features cats in punk outfits on cat-sized diorama sets (known as Perlorian cats in the US) created by photographer and artist Satoru Tsuda. These feline punkers join the ranks of other ...Read More

Night Flight - Self-Help Video Break

Night Flight’s here to help you keep those New Year’s Resolutions! In our Self-Help Video Break (a video mashup from the NF editors similar to Atomic TV and Rockin’ Ronnie), we’re treated to “words of wisdom” from artists who have lived life in the fast-lane. Featuring RAD drug PSAs from Gene Simmons and Jon Bon Jovi, Carrie McDowell's "Uh Uh, No No Casual Sex" and ...Read More

Night Flight - TV 2000 (Episode 1)

"TV 2000's a different kind of video show: We've got everything!" The 1985 music series and Night Flight sister show hosted by John Kassir (voice of the Cryptkeeper) and Joe Gallo includes a top ten countdown, home movies, artist conversations with Night Flight & Radio 1990 resident interviewer Lisa Robinson, and some fantastic sweepstakes (sorry, entry is now close...Read More

Night Flight - TV 2000 (Episode 2)

TV 2000 is Night Flight's spin on the top ten countdown format from 1985, hosted by comedian John Kassir & Joie Gallo. In Episode 2 of TV 2000, Bryan Adams takes us to heaven, the Eurythmics ask: "Would I lie to you?" and Lisa Robinson goes on location with Boy George and Marilyn at the "hottest new club in New York," Palladium! Commercials are included.

Night Flight - The Video Artist (Herbert Wentscher)

Tonight’s Night Flight Original Episode is from our “Video Artist” series, focusing on the animation and film art of Herbert Wentscher. The German video artist sources a variety of media for his projects: Super 8 footage, painting, and ancient iconography. “Eventually, everything gets blended into the video medium” he says to Night Flight interviewer and writer, Stu...Read More

Night Flight - Flash Tracks and Video Vault (1988)

This 1988 episode of Night Flight's 'Video Flash Tracks' features looks at Australian political rockers Midnight Oil, sensual techno-pop pioneers Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and Western New York's 10,000 Maniacs, "a small town band with a densley populated name," Pat Prescott says, before featuring a lost interview with Natalie Merchant. The episode's Side B ...Read More