Night Flight: Video Profiles II

Classic Night Flight episodes covering a single artist.

Night Flight - The Residents video profile and San Francisco Rock

In this original episode of Night Flight, we take a look at the mysterious art rock project the Residents and have a profile of the San Francisco Rock scene that includes. music videos from Santana, Starship, Grateful Dead and more. Original Air Date: 2-18-86

A Night Flight Special - Prince Video Profile

Video hits from Prince and affiliated acts such as Morris Day and The Time and the late, great Vanity.

Night Flight - Laurie Anderson Video Profile

Classic Night Flight profile of avant-garde experimentalist Laurie Anderson. Featuring an incredibly candid interview with Anderson about her background and work.

Night Flight - Talking Heads Video Profile

How did I get here? Night Flight takes on Talking Heads in this brilliant profile, originally aired September 20th, 1986 and now streaming on Night Flight Plus. "In the 1970s, a group called Talking Heads became staples on the Bowery music scene..." explains Pat Prescott. The Heads’ fused artistic concepts with rock, relying on the tight structure and quirky lyrics...Read More

A Night Flight Tribute - Tom Petty Interview (1985)

Back in 1985, Night Flight produced a candid backstage interview with Tom Petty while he was on tour promoting Southern Accents. After hearing the sad news on Monday, we went to the archives to get the full segment for you.

Night Flight - Space Patrol and Malcolm McLaren Profile

In this original episode of Night Flight, we have an episode of 1950s Sci-Fi show "Space Patrol" and a profile on infamous Sex Pistols manager and artist Malcolm McLaren. Original Air Date: 5-2-85

Night Flight - Lou Reed Video Profile

In 1965, as leader of the NY Band: The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed became Rock's first leather-clad social outcast. At the age of 20, Reed took violence, drugs, sadomasochism, and sang about them in a rock context creating music as painful as it was compelling. He set the stage for the punk revolution. Night Flight tells the story of Reed with music videos, live f...Read More

Night Flight - Mark Hamill Interview

Well folks, the Night Flight library never ceases to amaze us. It is literally a treasure chest of nostalgic gold. This week we’re incredibly excited to share a full, uncut interview with Mark Hammil conducted by Lisa Robinson in 1986. He dons a rare mustache for his theatre production role in Room Service. In the interview, Hamill talks candidly about knowing fr...Read More

Night Flight - John Carpenter Original Video Profile

Night Flight's video profile of John Carpenter arrives! The master of horror sits down with Night Flight for this special 1988 director profile and talks his influences, the role of music in his filmmaking and much more. Featuring clips from his films to help tell the story of the auteur's unique vision, this special episode is peak Night Flight and not to be missed!

Night Flight - Poison Video Profile

Welcome to Night Flight’s video profile of the clown princes of Glam Slam Metal Rock: Poison. Pat Prescott explains how the Brett Michaels fronted outfit went from an LA club scene staple to platinum recording artist. Featuring interviews with drummer Rikki Rockett, guitarist CC DeVille, and all the POISON music you need!

Night Flight - New Order Video Profile

Night Flight's video profile of one of the seminal bands of the 1980s, Manchester England's innovative New Order. Highlights include their music video for "Confusion" which contains scenes filmed inside legendary NYC nightclub 'The Funhouse' along with rare footage of revered dance music producer Arthur Baker at work in the studio.

Night Flight - Tom Waits Video Profile

Delivered straight from the Night Flight archive, tonight we embark on an hour long special which kicks off with Night Flight's "Take Off to Irish Rock," which features videos by U2, Sinead O’Connor, That Petrol Motion and the Pogues, who we recently featured in an excellent documentary. Then, about 25-minutes in, we arrive at our video profile of the work of son...Read More

Night Flight - Marianne Faithfull Video Profile

Welcome to a very special Night Flight Video Profile! In 1966, a seventeen year old sweet-voiced blonde schoolgirl became British rock's first authentic pop princess, only to lose that aristocratic status when she was caught with The Rolling Stones in a sensational drug bust. Nearly 20 years later, Faithfull sits down in the Night Flight studios for a candid convers...Read More

Night Flight - Sade Video Profile

“It’s a quiet storm…” Nigerian-born fashion designer turned singer Sade is the subject of tonight’s Video Profile. Pat Prescott starts us off with an introduction to the “smooth and sexy high priestess of soul,” before jumping into a Sade mega-mix cut with exclusive interviews with the artist from the Night Flight studio (originally filmed in 1985). In her interview...Read More

Night Flight - Traveling Wilburys Video Profile

Welcome to tonight’s new original arrival: a 1988 special profile of The Traveling Wilbury’s. The a British–American supergroup consisting of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty, gets the complete Night Flight treatment with a look at the groups signature songs and individual output from the 80s.

Night Flight - Neil Young Video Profile

Tonight Night Flight profiles one of Rock’s great renegades: Neil Young. The essential episode features a candid NF studio interview with Young discussing his origins and inspirations and features some of Young’s more esoteric deep cuts on Geffen Records in the '80s including 1982’s techno track “Sample and Hold” and his Rockabilly ballad “Wonderin'.” Night Flight c...Read More

Night Flight - Thompson Twins and OMD Video Profiles

Tonight on Night Flight Originals, we’re prepared the best slice of nighttime TV you’re going to find anywhere on the dial. Put down that remote! You’re about to experience Video Profile’s of two of 1980s most intriguing dance rock bands: The Thompson Twins and OMD. Packed with rare deep cuts, sentimental favorites and behind the scene’s interviews, this two for the...Read More

Night Flight - Robert Plant Video Profile & NF Goes to the Movies

Welcome to Night Flight's video profile of one of Rock's greatest vocalists and song stylists, Robert Plant and Night Flight goes to the movies with Arnie Action Thriller Red Heat, Bull Durham and more

Night Flight - New Sounds 4 and Wendy O. Williams Video Profile

Night Flight's 1985 Episode of New Sounds music's latest trends and hottest rising stars. Tonight: Dance music, sounds from the national club scene, with Peter Brown, Feelabelia, Goon Squad, and more. Also in this episode, a hardcore video profile on Metal's leading lady, Wendy O. Williams.

Night Flight - Simple Minds Profile and Pretenders Video Vault

This video profile on Simple Minds features backstory on the Scottish act and multiple videos throughout the bands career arc. Night Flight mines the video vault for select cuts from the Pretenders.

Night Flight's R.E.M. Video Profile and Directions in Jazz

Highlights from R.E.M.'s career to date in music video form are shown with some great interview bites from the group members. Whether or not you approved of the direction Kenny G, Branford Marsalis, Bobby McFerrin & Herb Alpert took this beloved genre back in the heady days of 1988, that was pretty much the best of what the mainstream had to offer and here it is ...Read More

Night Flight - Meat Loaf Video Profile

Welcome to the Meat Loaf edition of Night Flight (1993), where we bring you a smorgasbord of videos with the star of Operatic Rock. Featuring “Getting Away With Murder,” “Surf’s Up,” and the duet that propelled 1978’s Bat Out Of Hell straight into the stratosphere, the pointed ballad “Paradise By The Dashboard Light.” Bonus: Syndication host Tom Juarez reads Nigh...Read More

Night Flight - Ramones Video Profile (1991)

"All my life growing up as a kid, I either wanted to be in a Rock band or a baseball player," Johnny Ramone tells us from the dugout of tonight’s special episode on the Ramones. If Rock is a religion, then the Ramones are the high priests of Punk, and in this treasure from the archive, Night Flight provides an in-depth profile of the band with video excerpts from th...Read More

Night Flight - Van Halen Video Profile

Good evening high-flying fans, and welcome to Night Flight. Tonight, we share another edition of our distinguished Video Profile series with Van Halen. Wherever you stand on Sammy Hagar v. Diamond Dave, you’ll love tonight’s special episode, with videos and concert footage from both. The group's winning combination of charismatic frontmen, Eddie’s phenomenal guitar ...Read More

Night Flight - Public Image Ltd Video Profile

“In 1977, the Sex Pistol’s Johnny Rotten was the most famous man in Rock 'n' Roll…” Pat Prescott tells us, “then he went to work on Public Image Ltd… a group that called everything to question.” A cadre of PiL’s music videos and candid interview segments with Lydon are the backbone of this epic episode. Let John's disdain for music industry and all it’s hypocrisy,...Read More

Night Flight - New Edition Video Profile and More

"You're watching Night Flight: where music, movies, cartoons and comedy collide with the unexpected!" - Pat Prescott Tonight’s a mystery box of uncut Night Flight. First up? A long-lost “adult” cartoon from Bob Godfrey, famed UK animator and ideas man on the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine." The main act for this episode is a New Edition Video Profile, which covers th...Read More

Night Flight - Mr. Gloom & Other Shorts

Tonight, we present esteemed animator Bill Kopp’s original short “Mr. Gloom,” from an episode of "Toone Theatre." The psychedelic animation is hand-drawn theatre of the absurd. Kopp’s credits myriad credits include voice over work for none other than Night Flight animated “freak-out” classic, Jac Mac and Rad Boy Go! Also in this episode, the experimental animation “...Read More

Night Flight - The Replacements Video Profile

Welcome to Night Flight circa 1993. “Ten years ago,” Pat Prescott tells us “The Replacements played their first ragtag gig in a church basement in Minneapolis. Much to everyone’s surprise, including their own, the ‘Mats became one of the hottest underground bands in the world.” Tonight’s Video Profile shows off some of the band’s finest moments and features ultra-ca...Read More

Night Flight - The Police (Video Profile)

We've seen the comments on Facebook and Instagram. It's clear that for many of you, Night Flight was the point of discovery for The Police. Let us just say (1) we’re honored by that fact and (2) tonight you can watch the official Video Profile (1985) that may have introduced you to them! Explore our collection of over 40 Video Profiles on Night Flight Plus tonight!

Night Flight - Pat Benatar Video Profile

Kicking off with 1984’s “Ooh Ooh” song, Night Flight takes you on a complete tour of the artist’s numerous smash hits. Ten years before this episode aired, Benatar was “working as a bank teller and supplementing her income while singing in motel lounges,” host Pat Prescott tells us.

Night Flight - The The Video Profile

Tonight’s original Night Flight episode is Video Profile of The The, featuring the broadcast premiere of the band's video-album, Infected. Matt Johnson’s 1986 music video opus, described by host Pat Prescott as a “hard-hitting musical statement shot around the globe,” features the work of directors Tim Pope (The Cure), Peter Christopherson (Coil), Mark Romanek (Mich...Read More

Night Flight - The Godfathers Video Profile

Resurrecting the sizzling pre-punk R&B attitude of British pub rock, The Godfathers came slamming onto the scene in 1986. Tune in for an interview with founders the Coyne brothers and hits from the band's discography, including '87's existential anthem "Birth, School, Work, Death."

Night Flight - Robert Smith Interview

Robert Smith stopped by the Radio 1990 studios to tell interviewer Lisa Robinson about what motivated him to start The Cure, being in a “gloomy band” and why 99% of music is boring. An early Morrissey detractor, Smith is quick to tell Robinson that “The Smiths are an unfortunate comparison…”

Night Flight - Leslie West (Mountain) Interview

We were saddened to hear about Leslie West of Mountain passing away in late December of 2020. His Night Flight interview is an underrated gem of the library. A down to earth and spirited guest, West talks about his success in frank terms while musing about eating bagels behind the stage at Woodstock, watching Cream play on acid and more.

Night Flight - Michael Lang Interview

We lost a close member of the Night Flight family on January 8th, 2022. Michael Lang and NF creator Stuart Shapiro were twin counter-culture spirits. Best friends since 1970, Michael and Stuart were at the center of the key revolutions that shaped the musical landscape in second half of the century: Michael, in the advent and supremacy of the music festival and Stua...Read More

Night Flight - Kate Bush Video Profile

Welcome to Night Flight’s exclusive Video Profile of Kate Bush. “This multimedia performance artist has combined dance, music, literature and mime on her way to becoming Britain’s most popular female star,” Pat Prescott says to introduce the pop polymath. Featuring Bush’s candid interview from the Night Flight studios (recorded in November 1985), this episode is an ...Read More

Night Flight - Mink DeVille Live

This early episode of Night Flight features a live performance of Mink DeVille, a band built around the talents and swagger of frontman Willy DeVille. The group began in the mid 70s and was known for its association with early punk bands at CBGB. “In a more perfect world,” Marc Cambell wrote in Dangerous Minds, “Willy DeVille would have been a huge star. He had the ...Read More

Night Flight - Marilyn Monroe Video Profile

“She was born Norma Jeane Baker in 1926,” Pat Prescott says at the start of tonight’s new Video Profile, “but as Marilyn Monroe, she became a sex symbol that millions of women modeled themselves after and millions of men dreamed about.” Night Flight’s tribute to the icon features Monroe’s 1950 original screen test with Richard Conte for 20th Century Fox’s “Cold ...Read More

Night Flight - Night Ranger Video Profile

"Motorin!" Night Flight, in its third season in '83, sat down with the Sacramento-based Arena Rock outfit Night Ranger, known for the power ballad "Sister Christian," who were promoting promoting their album Dawn Patrol. There's also a tour promo for Joni Mitchell, presented by Mattel, to kick things off.

Night Flight - Millie Jackson Video Profile

During Night Flight’s second season, interviewer Al Banderio sat down with the “Queen of Sass” Millie Jackson for a ribald interview that is emblematic of Night Flight's unique approach to music television. Jackson discusses her disdain for FCC, the qualities she looks for in a man (“nice feet, and a nice round ass,”), her love of Country and much more while promoti...Read More

Night Flight - "Take Off" to Politics (1985)

“Rock ’n’ Roll has always had a strong political perspective,” says Night Flight host Pat Prescott introducing a politically-charged "Take Off" episode from 1985. The quintessentially '80s video mix starts with a puppet caricature of Reagan from the British TV series "Spitting Image," leading into a compilation of music videos (with some definitely carrying a strong...Read More