Noise Rock, Industrial & Experimental

Glenn Branca - Symphony Nos.8 & 10: Live At The Kitchen

Symphony No. 8 (The Mystery): First Movement (passion), Second Movement (Spiritual Anarchy) - composed in 1992 Symphony No. 10 (The Mystery Part 2), First Movement (the Final Problem), Second Movement (the Horror) - composed in 1994

Captain Beefheart - Under Review

A two hour documentary film tracing the roots and history of this iconic musical legend. It features rare live and studio performances of Beefheart, interspersed with contributions from virtually all members of The Magic Band along with a panel of esteemed experts. The film also features rarely seen promo films, interview footage with Beefheart, TV clips, location s...Read More

Derailroaded: Inside The Mind Of Larry Wild Man Fischer

DERAILROADED follows Larry "Wild Man" Fischer's discordant encounters in the music business. Institutionalized at 16 after attacking his mother with a knife, Fischer wandered the mean streets of L.A. singing his unique brand of songs for 10 cents each to passersby. He was discovered by Frank Zappa, with whom he cut his first record album, including the enduring dada...Read More

The Jesus Lizard - Club

Underground heavyweights The Jesus Lizard return to the stage and this DVD is from the first show of their reunion tour. The original band was untouchable back in the '90s and are the exception that proves the rule when it comes to punk reunion shows/tours. Singer David Yow is the demented James Brown to the rest of the band's Famous Flames.

Borbetomagus - A Pollock of Sound

Borbetomagus: A Pollock of Sound is the first feature-length documentary about the legendary improv / noise group Borbetomagus. Filmmaker Jef Mertens brings a raw, urgent, and unpolished vision focusing on a band that has spent almost four decades defining and redefining not just their music, but the boundaries of music itself. Band members Don Dietrich, Donald Mill...Read More

The Weird World of Blowfly

This film explores both sides of this hilarious and controversial artist, providing a rare, inside peek at the infamous linguist's daily life. Now 69-years-old, with a gold-spangled superhero costume and a catalog of the world's raunchiest tunes, Blowfly tours the world, still struggling for success and recognition after 50 years of making music.

The Residents - Talking Light: Bimbo's

The inspiration behind the Talking Light tour is The Residents' fascination with spooky stories. All of these ghost stories share a common theme, which ultimately asks the question: In a world where nearly everything has been categorized, how do we fulfill our need for the Fuzzy, the Vague, or the Supernatural. with TV commercials'

Jesus Lizard Live - 1994

Twenty minutes of raw live footage of the band playing to a packed and frenzied crowd at Venus De Milo in Boston. The band's workman like approach to their taunt, pummeling sound is contrasted by frontman David Yow's Dionysian revelry as he whips himself and the crowd into an ecstatic mess

Brainiac - Transmissions After Zero

In the mid 90's the Dayton, OH music scene became a hot spot generating worldwide buzz from the influential indie rock being produced there (The Breeders, Guided by Voices). Arguably the most innovative of them all was the band Brainiac, led by musical genius and insanely charismatic front man Tim Taylor. The band was opening for Beck and slated to sign a major labe...Read More

The Residents - Commercial DVD

The Residents had recorded their album, The Commercial Album, in 1980. It contained 40 one-minute tunes. The DVD version of this required enlisting many talented film-makers from around the world, each contributing one or more one-minute videos to accompany the songs. Though the videos can be viewed in a linear fashion, more intriguing is wandering through a maze ...Read More

Psychic TV - Black Joy

Described by some as a video masterpiece, Black Joy is a colorful and artistic mix capturing Psychic TV in a number of guises. This film includes 2 full length programs previously available only as two separate VHS tapes. "Black" was filmed live at the Subterrania Club, London, in March, 1991, capturing the band at the height of their acid-phase. "Joy" includes live...Read More