Written and performed by the stars of the Emmy nominated and Peabody Award winning Mystery Science Theater 3000 aka MST3K, RiffTrax features the unique humor of Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo) and Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot) along with tons of special guest riffers!

RiffTrax: Attack of the Puppet People

Attack of the Puppet People tells the story of such a madman, and the unfortunate woman who stumbles across his scheme while working as a secretary at his doll factory. That’s right, he makes dolls, and turns people into dolls, and dolls are probably found in a section of the toy store close to puppets, hence: Attack of the Puppet People. There is a puppet show in t...Read More

RiffTrax: Final Justice

Joe Don Buckle your Joe Don Belts, it’s Joe Don Baker in Final Justice! A brand new riff of the classic film that put the “chubby Deputy Sheriff from Texas goes on an adventure in Malta” genre on the map! Meet Joe Don. Goes by Geronimo. He’s got a shady past and a need for justice burning a hole inside of him. Also, a need for donuts. His sleepy small town life o...Read More

RiffTrax: Jack Frost

NOT THE MICHAEL KEATON ONE, THE EVIL SERIAL KILLER SNOWMAN ONE. Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, grab your stovepipe hat and favorite murder implement for Jack Frost! A truck carrying a vicious serial killer crashes into a truck carrying some non-specific chemicals, and, instead of just dying horribly, the serial killer becomes a serial killing sn...Read More

RiffTrax: "Manos" the Hands of Fate

Many years ago the people of El Paso, Texas gave their money to a local fertilizer salesman and said, “Go make us the best horror movie you can make.” The result, "Manos" The Hand of Fate, is an object lesson in why you should never give your money to an El Paso fertilizer salesman. Manos has it all: teens making out, luggage fetching scenes, The Master, Torgo......Read More

RiffTrax: Miami Connection

If you put everything about the 80s in a blender, then somehow ran the resulting smoothie through a translator that only speaks languages from another dimension, what you’d wind up with still wouldn't be half as hilarious, weird, and oddly charming as Miami Connection. It's 1987, and the Biker Ninjas behind the Miami drug trade are finding themselves facing the n...Read More

RiffTrax: Death Promise

It is with glee in our hearts and clumsy 70s karate vengeance on our minds that we present to you the amazing, undefinable Death Promise. So goofy, so full of confused non-actors wandering through their dialogue like kids lost at the mall, and with so much more gentle sincerity than you’d expect in a movie about systematic revenge against a group of evil slumlords. ...Read More

RiffTrax: Ruby

Southern desperation, B-movie drive-in theaters, and the vengeance of the angry dead all come together in Ruby, honestly one of the weirdest things we’ve found in a long career of finding weird things. Ruby is a failed performer hanging on to her glory days, Baby Jane style (hey, whatever happened to her?). She also happened to help some gangsters kill the love o...Read More

RiffTrax: Uninvited

Uninvited is a horror movie written and directed by Star Games and Final Justice mastermind Greydon Clark, so it’s not surprising that Greydon Clark put himself in the movie. What is surprising? Pretty much everything else. There’s a killer cat on the loose, but only sort of on the loose, because the killer cat lives INSIDE of another, larger cat. That fuzzy tabb...Read More

RiffTrax: Samurai Cop

The Samurai Cop is here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and he’s already infringed on enough movies and cliches so he’s just going to stop with that introduction right there. Yes, the cop they call Samurai has travelled to Los Angeles from a faraway land they call San Diego. Because it would just make no sense to have the movie take place in San Diego, or to have...Read More

RiffTrax Presents: Junior Prom

This movie has it all and then some: romance, political intrigue, studying, rich uncles, big bands, familial strife, journalism, jazz, soda fountains, swing dance, real estate, and a prom! Bridget and Mary Jo enjoy this 1946 “drama” (according to Wikipedia), which was the first of Monogram Pictures’ The Teen Agers series, way back before compound words were invented...Read More

RiffTrax: Trucker's Woman

If the old dusty carousel of audio cassettes at a truck stop could be distilled into a movie, this would be that movie. From the title to the fashion to the hair to the faces, one of the most 70s things you will ever experience is Trucker’s Woman! It’s a classic tale: a middle-aged man drops out of college when his trucker father is murdered by trucking mobsters,...Read More

RiffTrax: Warriors of the Wasteland

here’s an old saying that goes “Behind every successful movie, there’s a horrible Italian rip-off of it that uses three seconds of endless looped drumbeats as its soundtrack.” Never has this reliable chestnut been more true than in the case of Warriors of the Wasteland, which proudly acts as the mangy dog, devouring the table scraps that The Road Warrior turned up h...Read More

RiffTrax: Ice Cream Man

Is there anything more unsettling than an ice cream truck? Driving around slowly, playing a tinny recording of a song that was popular a century ago, trying to lure children with crude hand-painted knockoffs of cartoon characters on the side of the truck? Yes, it turns out there is something more unsettling, and that’s if the ice cream truck is driven by a serial-ki...Read More

RiffTrax: Pressure Point

Sebastian Dellacourt is leading a double life: he tells his wife that he’s a humble systems analyst. But he’s actually a D-list actor starring in films by the director of Time Chasers and Radical Jack! When an assassination attempt fails in a part of Chile that looks suspiciously like Vermont, Sebastian is thrown under the bus by his government. A shadowy group s...Read More

RiffTrax: The Dark Power

Hollywood legend Lash LaRue returns to the silver screen in this thrilling tale of zombies, the occult, and stretching the definition of “Hollywood legend” as far as our lawyers will allow us! Lash LaRue, as you’ll undoubtedly recall, was famous for playing a cowboy that used a whip. In every movie he was in, he found a way to pick up a whip and crack it a few times...Read More

RiffTrax: Rollergator

If you scooped a pile of goo out of a backed-up gutter, submerged a pair of electrodes into it, fed it a slurry of protein rich nutrients while sending jolts of ever-increasing voltages of electricity through until it demonstrated the most basic signs of what could technically be considered life, then immediately handed the pile of goo a video camera, it is impossib...Read More

RiffTrax: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny

“What a story!” This was the original studio tagline for Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny. You will have to ignore, of course, that Santa & the Ice Cream Bunny barely contains a story, let alone a coherent thought. But you’ll be willing to let this pass, since it does contain pigs, gorilla suits, paper mache birds, soiled Santa costumes, pervy moles and, of course, an ...Read More

RiffTrax: Fun in Balloonland

We would say that Fun In Balloonland is our favorite RiffTrax movie that we've ever done, but there’s just one problem: it’s hard to really describe it as a movie. It is an event. To attempt to describe its plot to you would be like attempting to divide by zero. There are balloons, there are kids, there is a parade, and there were mercifully cameras rolling to captu...Read More

RiffTrax: Kill and Kill Again

Hey! It’s not Kill and Take The Afternoon Off to Catch Up on Reading, it’s Kill and Kill Again! So get off your lazy duff and back to work! Who’s doing all this killing and follow-up repeat killing? Mostly Steve Chase, the world’s greatest martial artist. You wouldn’t know he’s the best from seeing his martial arts, but the movie tells you several times he’s the ...Read More

RiffTrax: Reefer Madness

Although it was made in 1936, Reefer Madness didn't become a cult hit until 1972 when the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) rescued it from the Library of Congress film archive. Thereafter, it was a mainstay on the midnight movie circuit. And it's easy to see why. The ostensible story involves a group of upstanding young high school stud...Read More

RiffTrax: Santa's Summer House

When a mysterious fog (fog FX not depicted) reroutes their resort shuttle, a group of tourists find themselves stranded at an elderly couple’s house. They don’t realize that it’s actually Santa’s Summer House, perhaps because the old man looks nothing like Santa and doesn’t even have a beard, and the home decor remains unchanged from A Talking Cat!?! (We assume that...Read More

RiffTrax: I Believe in Santa Claus

Ah, Christmas. The stockings are hung. The fire is roaring. Mom and dad have been abducted by an African warlord and their son forces a friend to board a plane to Finland to find them only to be kidnapped by an ogre who forces them into slavery. Chestnuts roasting. You know how it goes! I Believe in Santa Claus starts with our hero, Simon, being locked in a close...Read More

RiffTrax Live: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Many have forgotten (or choose to forget) the Santa/Martian wars of 1964: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians bravely attempts to set the record straight. Martian parents Kimar and Momar become concerned that their children Bomar and Girmar (are you picking up the “mar” theme? BECAUSE IT’S VERY SUBTLE!) have become too attached to television programs from earth. Their...Read More