RoboCop: The Compete Series

Based on the classic 1987 film by Paul Verhoeven, ROBOCOP: THE SERIES (1994) stars Richard Eden as the titular cyborg.

RoboCop 101 - The Future of Law Enforcement (Pilot)

RoboCop is back to provide justice in Delta City. While investigating the murders of several homeless people, he uncovers the city's darker secrets.

RoboCop 102 - Prime Suspect

Framed for the murder of a popular Televangelist, RoboCop becomes a fugitive from the law as he and Madigan race against time to find the real killer.

RoboCop 104 - Officer Missing

RoboCop's rescue of a young boy in need of a lung transplant is thwarted by a ruthless criminal who steals the organ to sell on the black market.

RoboCop 105 - What Money Can't Buy

When OCP institutes cost-cutting nightly power blackouts, a roving gang terrorizes the darkened streets.

RoboCop 106 - Ghosts of War

When a band of mentally unstable war veterans steals a top secret weapon, RoboCop must race against time to save Diana from destruction.

RoboCop 107 - Zone Five

To combat an epidemic of a narcotic called FUN, OCP recruits a gang of vigilantes, but RoboCop uncovers the gang's sinister plot to flood the city with drugs.

RoboCop 108 - Provision 22

When OCP privatizes the welfare system, RoboCop learns that Nancy leads a group of people protesting the corporation's methods, making her a target.

RoboCop 109 - Faces of Eve

Villainous psychopath Pudface Morgan and his gang use OCP's latest cosmetic product, EVE, to unleash a crime wave on the city.

RoboCop 110 - When Justice Fails

RoboCop and Officer Madigan race to save the lives of four astronauts as they go head-to-head against a flamboyant corporate raider.

RoboCop 111 - The Human Factor

RoboCop teams up with his unsuspecting father to stop an insane bomber from unleashing a campaign of terror that could end in nuclear Armageddon.

RoboCop 112 - Inside Crime

Pudface pulls in ratings for OCP's new hit reality show which follows the exploits of criminals, but he has plans to take on RoboCop live on TV.

Robocop 113 - RoboCop vs Commander Cash

RoboCop faces his most formidable opponent, a nut case who believes he's a real live version of OCP's super hero, Commander Cash.

RoboCop 114 - Illusions

RoboCop guards The Chairman of OCP against a mysterious assassin.

RoboCop 115 - Tin Man

As armed Ice Cream trucks wage a gang war and the past haunts RoboCop when an ex-partner returns as a gang-busting vigilante.

RoboCop 116 - Sisters in Crime

When his sexist views anger feminists, The OCP Chairman is kidnapped by a band of shapely rebels.

RoboCop 117 - Heartbreakers

Lippencott enters Virtual Reality and falls for Diana Powers, while RoboCop is blackmailed into stealing a top secret weapon.

RoboCop 118 - Mother's Day

RoboCop suspects a woman is part of a plot by Russian crime boss Vlad "Stitch" Molotov and his sexy moll, Nadia.

RoboCop 119 - Nano

RoboCop fights a scientist and an ex-I.R.S. agent using microscopic machines to create the ultimate crime.

RoboCop 120 - Corporate Raiders

The city is rocked by anti-corporate violence as RoboCop and Officer Madigan are assigned to bring in a charming ex-terrorist.

RoboCop 121 - Midnight Minus One

RoboCop and Officer Madigan race the clock to prove a killer is innocent before he's executed in front of millions of viewers on TV.

RoboCop 122 - Public Enemies

RoboCop must save the President and First Gentleman from an assassination plot hatched by Dr. Mallardo, Chip chayken, and Pudface Morgan.