Shorts by Danny Plotnick

Skate Witches

A gang of female Skate Boarders and their pet rats terrorize all the boy skate boarders in town. 1986. Starring: Jenny Parker, Karen Kibler, Dana Forrester.

I’m Not Fascinating

Brace yourselves for one of the most resplendent footnotes of rock ‘n’ roll anti-history ever to grace the silver screen. Danny Plotnick’s I’m Not Fascinating—The Movie! chronicles the pointless shenanigans of San Francisco rock ‘n’ roll ne’er-do-wells the Icky Boyfriends and their futile quest for rock stardom. Undaunted by the universal hatred of both their music ...Read More

Dumbass From Dundas

Two lunkheads get dumped by their friends in the desert. One guy is wearing a Twisted Sister t-shirt and one is wearing a Kiss t-shirt. They don't like each other. They have problems. This film really resonated in the alternative film scene in the late 1980s. Very few artsy-fartsy film folk were shooting narrative, especially of the angst-filled variety. There was ...Read More

Death Sled II: Steel Belted Romeos

A tale of backwoods blacktop mayhem. Two dim-witted, lead-footed guys from Bayonne, New Jersey bust through stoplight after stoplight in their turbo-charged, bad-assed, jet-black Pontiac Grand Prix until their mean machine nearly eighty-sixes another hunk of American steel. And that's just the start of it...A confrontation, an assault, fists-a-flying, and traffic vi...Read More

Swingers Serenade

A tawdry tale of suburban sexual malaise plus a lesson in arcane film history rolled into one sin-tillating package! In the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s, when home movie making was at its peak, this nation's newsstands were filled with amateur movie making magazines. The majority of the articles contained therein focused on the technical concerns of filmmakin...Read More

Out of Print

Out of Print is an ode to the counterculture of the 80s and 90s, a time when unearthing quality culture was a real treasure hunt. 2008.