Snub TV

Night Flight - Snub TV (Episode 2)

Welcome to Snub TV, Night Flight's exclusive look at England's independent music scene. Host Brenda Kelly introduces "Grebo Rock" the new wave of English music with Pop Will Eat Itself who cannibalize Sigue Sigur Sputnik's "Love Missile F1-11," Scottish alt-rock band The Soupdragons, Wire, and UK's premiere female rap crew, Cookie Crew. Snub was created by Fran D...Read More

Night Flight - Snub TV (Episode 3)

"Welcome to London, the Tower Bridge... and SNUB" Night Flight's window into London's underground music scene returns. Tonight, host Brenda Kelly introduces the newest wave of British Music with The Three Johns's Adrian Sherwood-produced "Never and Always," industrial Funk act Chakk, an interview with Rob Collins label owner of Product Inc. (Swans, The Bambi Slam) and more.

Night Flight - Snub TV (Episode 4)

Shot in England for Night Flight, Snub TV brought us up-to-the-minute reports from the British Independent music scene (and sometimes beyond.) In this episode, host Brenda Kelly focuses on Icelandic rock featuring an interview with Björk's first band: The Sugarcubes. Also includes the unique hip-hop sounds of London Posse, UK hardcore act The Stupids and Edinburgh i...Read More

Night Flight - Snub TV (Episode 5)

"What you're about to see is unlike anything else you've seen before: SNUB!" Pat Prescott says at the introduction to Episode 5 of '80s British alternative music series. This takeover episode delivers banned music videos, pop music politics, and the UK's most controversial personalities, all-curated by producer Adrian Sherwood & his On-U Sound imprint. Sherwood was ...Read More

Night Flight - Snub TV (Episode 8)

Snub TV returns tonight and continues its mission of “rescuing America from the drug of the nation: mediocre music television!” New episodes have been arriving from the archives of the cult series that documented the indie and alternative music scenes of the UK (and beyond) for Night Flight between 1987-89. Episode 8 follows a slightly different format than previ...Read More

Night Flight - Snub TV (Unlabeled Show)

This episode of Snub TV aired on Night Flight in 1988 and features live performances from Murphy's Law and Chuck D & Public Enemy, plus videos from Diamanda Galás, Yello and more. It was produced by Fran Duffy, who Stuart S. Shapiro remembers here: "Fran Duffy was a promoter in the New York underground punk fleet and SNUB TV was something he envisioned for Night Fli...Read More