Susan and Denise

Susan and Denise - Shorts

Susan and Denise’s “Shorts” takes viewers on a whirlwind journey of irreverence and evolution as Susan and Denise carve their path through a world of their making, challenging conventions and redefining the rules of storytelling.

Susan and Denise - Trilogy of Trauma Halloween Special

Behold the Trilogy of Trauma Halloween Special, where Susan and Denise embark on three spine-chilling adventures spanning from 2017 to 2021. This DIY collection promises thrills, chills, and an absence of frills.

Susan and Denise - Volume 1

Susan and Denise present: Volume 1. Like a fever dream that leaves you wanting more, Volume 1 is a collection of short films meticulously crafted to deliver a truly unique viewing experience. Enjoy the ride!