The Films of Rick Sloane

The Visitants

Rick Sloane's The Visitants (1986) is set in the neon colored 1950s and chronicles the hi-jinx which ensue following the theft of a ray gun by a teenage boy from his bizarre neighbors who just happen to be aliens who have embedded themselves within a sleepy suburban neighborhood.


Be careful what you wish for... You just might get it! Nothing attracts attention more than a sealed box... And old McCreedy, the studio's night watchman, should have known that he was courting disaster when he warned Kevin, the new trainee, to stay away from the old vault. But, now, it's too late... The Hobgoblins make no exception for idle curiosity. They're loose...Read More

Mind, Body And Soul

Ginger Lynn Allen and Wings Hauser star in this supernatural, erotic thriller directed by Rick Sloane. All Brenda wants is a normal life with a normal boyfriend, but she soon finds that her boyfriend is anything but normal -- he's part of a Satanic cult that makes human sacrifices! A police-interrupted ritual at the cult's demonic temple lands Brenda in jail. Upon r...Read More

Vice Academy

Following the trend of raunchy direct-to-video sex comedies popularized in the early to mid 80s, director Rick Sloane (Hobgoblins) decided to take his own stab at the sub-genre, creating the surprise hit franchise VICE ACADEMY in 1989. Featuring the comedic exploits of undercover female vice cops who go head-to-head with everything from smut film producers to arch v...Read More

Vice Academy Part 2

The Vice Girls Are Back! Didi (Linnea Quigley) and Holly (Ginger Lynn Allen) are Vice cops on their first assignment. Arch-villainess Spanish Fly (Marina Benvenga) is threatening to poison the water supply with an aphrodisiac. The girls infiltrate Fly's headquarters - The Vicearama Club, the seediest, sleaziest hotspot in town. While Holly and Didi get mixed up in a...Read More

Vice Academy Part 3

A full-on comedy assault! Holly (GINGER LYNN ALLEN) and Candy (ELIZABETH KAITAN) are getting off on a new adventure. Warped by a toxic accident, Malathion (JULIA PARTON) is on a rampage. She's an oversexed threat to the community and the environment. Luckily, Holly and Candy aren't nice - they're Vice and this time ... it's global!