The Vanishing Shadow

A 12-episode Universal serial in which a son avenges the death of his father at the hands of corrupt politicians. He develops a wide variety of complex devices in his crusade . . . ray guns, robots and a 'vanishing belt.'

The Vanishing Shadow Ep. 1 - Accused Of Murder

Stanley Stanfield, son of the founder of a great newspaper, and Carl Van Dorn, electrical genius, have invented a Vanishing Ray with which they hope to expose Eade Barnett, whose persecution of Stanfield's father caused his death.

The Vanishing Shadow Ep. 2 - The Destroying Ray

Stanfield raced ahead of the train, eluded his pursuer, and hid in Van Dorn's mountain laboratory. Barnett's estranged daughter telephoned Stanfield that Cadwell, for whose murder he was sought, was alive, and she asked him to call that evening.

The Vanishing Shadow Ep. 3 - The Avalanche

Stanfield dragged Gloria from the path of the "Destroying Ray," then, wrestling the machine from Van Dorn, turned it on the henchmen, who grabbed Gloria and, using her as a shield, made their escape.

The Vanishing Shadow Ep. 4 - Trapped

Ignoring a road signal, believing it a trick to stop them, Gloria and Stanfield were caught in an avalanche of rock and dirt, but ploughed through and with the aid of the "Vanishing Ray" outwitting the pursuing henchmen.

The Vanishing Shadow Ep. 5 - Hurled From the Sky

With Van Dorn's electric torch, Gloria burned open the vault door and rescued Stanfield. Needing time to work out his scheme to get control of the Tribune, Barnett imprisoned McDonald on a rocky, inaccessible island, intending to use McDonald's absence as an excuse for postponing the stockholder's meeting.

The Vanishing Shadow Ep. 6 - Chain Lightning

Having failed in their attempt to fly to McDonald's rescue, Stanfield and Gloria returned to Van Dorn's laboratory. To their surprise, McDonald telephoned from his office and they hurried to see him. Van Dorn, worried, set a trap for intruders before his vault, then learning from McDonald that Stanfield had gone with Gloria to Barnett's office, taking his "Destroyin...Read More

The Vanishing Shadow Ep. 7 - The Tragic Crash

After rescuing Gloria from the trap before the vault, Stanfield discovered that Van Dorn, wherever he was, had his deadly "Destroying Ray." Fearing he might attempt Barnett's life, Stanfield telephoned to warn him and discovered Barnett was holding Van Dorn prisoner.

The Vanishing Shadow Ep. 8 - The Shadow Of Death

After escaping when their car crashed over the bank, Stanfield went to Barnett's office for a showdown. A terrific battle resulted.

The Vanishing Shadow Ep. 9 - Blazing Bulkheads

Stanfield's stock and the prized "Vanishing Ray," are in Barnett's possession. Dorgan, sent out to capture Stanfield, wearing the "Vanishing Ray, entered Van Dorn's laboratory unseen and, aided by two henchmen, overpowered and took Stanfield, a prisoner.

The Vanishing Shadow Ep. 10 - The Iron Death

Believing Stanfield has perished on the burning ship, the henchmen carried news of his death to Barnett. But Stanfield, contrary to their belief, was very much alive and watching Van Dorn demonstrate his newest invention, an iron man or robot of ponderous strength.

The Vanishing Shadow Ep. 11 - The Juggernaunt

The henchmen fled in terror, pursued by Van Dorn and the iron monster. Gloria released Stanfield and they hurried after Van Dorn, but the professor and robot had disappeared.

The Vanishing Shadow Ep. 12 - Retribution

Out of his senses due to a bullet wound, Van Dorn sends his big robot after Barnett and his henchmen. After a reign of gunfire, which does little to stop the robot powered by Van Dorn, the robot trudges on inside the house, where he attacks Stanfield.