The Video Artist: John Sanborn

A Sweeter Music

A series of compositions on the subject of peace, from Terry Riley, Meredith Monk, Jerome Kitzke, The Residents, and Kyle Gann, performed by pianist Sarah Cahill, with impressionistic video collages by Sanborn to illuminate the message in each work. Premiered at Cal Performances, and played at Mill Valley Film Festival, Merkin Hall, the Berlin Film Festival, and Sundance.

A Tribute To Nam June Paik

With irreverent good humor, this affectionate homage to artist Nam June Paik uses Paik's own rapid-fire editing and dizzying collage techniques to evoke his wide-ranging influence in video and contemporary art. Created with Kit Fitzgerald, John Cage, Peter Gordon and Charlotte Moorman.

ALLoT (A Long List of Things)

A highly personal video memoir that blends interviews recorded during Sanborn’s 40th High School Reunion, with contemplations and meditations on the unpredictable challenges and life-altering transformations fifteen graduates from Walt Whitman High School faced in the years before they all met again. Music by David Meyer.


A poetic review of a year in the life of a guy just trying to do his job, be a dad and live a good life, while the world collapses around him. MMI includes references to 9/11 and its aftermath, but it foremost a man struggling to deal with overwhelming human events, and interpret them for himself and the audience. Virtually wordless, with a shimmering score by Paul ...Read More

Music + Video Volume 1 | 1980’s

A series of seven innovative music+video experiments from the 1980s, many broadcast on the original Nightflight, but still surprising and compelling today. Created with Kit Fitzgerald, Peter Gordon, David Van Tieghem, Bill T. Jones, Mary Perillo and Eric Bogosian. Entropy and Order (3:34) Ear to the Ground (4:26) ACT III (6:28) And Now this (5:10) Sta...Read More


PICO (reMIX) is a video memoir celebrating the lineage of cultural revolutions launched by the innovative avant-garde triumvirate Marcel Duchamp, John Cage and especially Nam June Paik as evidenced by their profound influence on video artist John Sanborn. PICO (reMIX) won the Audience Award at the 2013 Mill Valley Film Festival, the Award of Excellence at the 2015 C...Read More

Pensées Aléatoires du Futur

Pensées Aléatoires du Futur is a collage of variations and evolutions – singular gestures and thoughts – that describe our possible future. Rooted in the power of the individual and exhibited in a fleeting and metaphoric manner, the work helps us to discover just how small the future will be. A production of Bandits Mages, France.