Andy Warhol's BAD

- 103:44

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Brimming with the sleazy glamour of 1970s New York and wildly dark humor,BAD is the story of Hazel Aiken (Oscar-nominated actress Carroll Baker), a housewife who runs a beauty salon and electrolysis clinic out of her house. She also runs another little business on the side?hiring out a cadre of badass gals to perform various freelance assassin gigs. A very corrupt Detective Hughes (Charles McGregor, Blazing Saddles) is itching for Hazel to sacrifice one of her "employees" to arrest, which she refuses to do. But when her no-good nephew J.T. (Perry King, The Class of 1984) comes looking for work, she reluctantly decides to give him a trial run. The final film project produced under the pop art icon's imprimatur before his 1987 death, ANDY WARHOL'S BAD also features a fantastic supporting roster of cult stars including Oscar-nominee Susan Tyrrell (Fat City), Factory regular Brigid Polk (Ciao Manhattan!) and Stefania Casini (Suspiria).