Andy Warhol's Young Dracula

- 103:07

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The R-rated cut of Paul Morrissey's camp classic. Dracula is searching for virgin's blood and... he's dying of thirst! In an attempt to cash in the success of Mel Brooks' film Young Frankenstein, distributor Louis Periano re-released the film as a 94-minute R-rated Young Dracula in 1976 (as opposed to the original X-rated version). A sickly Count Dracula requires pure virgin blood in order to survive. He travels with his faithful servant to Italy where he believes he will find many devote Catholic virgins to feed upon. Shortly after his arrival in Italy he meets Marchese Di Fiore, whose estate is in decline. Fiore wishes to marry one of his daughters off to the wealthy aristocrat Count Dracula. Believing they are virgins Dracula drinks the blood of two of the daughters only to realize they have been having sex with the strapping young handyman Mario. Drinking this blood makes him very sick and on the verge of death. Dracula then turns to the plain eldest daughter and drinks her blood in an effort to regain his strength. When she turns into a vampire herself it is discovered what he truly is and Mario sets out to destroy him.