Vangelis and the Journey to Ithaka

- 132:01

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A NIGHT FLIGHT PLUS EXCLUSIVE: From music film director Tony Palmer comes an extraordinary inside look at the life and music of VANGELIS. It’s hard to escape the music of VANGELIS. His music for the cult movie Blade Runner is among the most influential film music ever written. And, of course, the music for Chariots of Fire (for which he won an Oscar) is still used for almost every other sporting event around the world. The official Olympic anthem, written for the Athens Games but never released because of a dispute with the organising committee, is one of the many pieces of music which was premièred in this, the first ever and only film profile of this most reclusive musician, whose continued success over 35 years bears witness to his immense international following. Vangelis had never previously allowed himself to be filmed, but as he approached his 65th birthday, he relented - principally, and surprisingly, because he hoped his music would make a significant contribution to matters of global concern. Vangelis also saw himself and his music as part of an on-going tradition of Greek culture, stretching back to the 5th century BC, and was immensely knowledgeable about Greek folk culture and its influence on European civilisation. In addition to rare footage of Vangelis composing in his studio, the film features inside comments from film directors and actors Hugh Hudson (Chariots of Fire), Ridley Scott (Blade Runner & Gladiator), Oliver Stone (Alexander) Roman Polanski (Bitter Moon) Sean Connery and Harrison Ford.