Arise! The SubGenius Movie

- 86:46

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The Church of the SubGenius recruitment movie, "Arise!," was written and edited to work as a documentary feature film, or as twenty separate stand-alone two-to-ten-minute excerpts. Night Flight ever-so-wisely used those modular excerpts as recurring episodes of "Love That "Bob"." (Notice the important if awkward quote marks on the sacred name "Bob"! That’s part of the religion.) The movie was originally assembled, much like the Frankenstein monster, from parts of dead movies, then brought to life in unholy rituals involving editing 3/4-inch Umatic cassette format video on spare equipment in basements on loan from night clubs and art collectives. "Arise!" was instigated around 1984 by Rev. Cordt Holland, who had access to editing equipment in San Francisco, was written by Rev. Ivan Stang on a plane flight from Dallas to San Francisco, and was narrated by Dr. Hal Robins the same week.