Basket Case 3 - The Progeny

- 89:57

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He's back. He's bad. And he's a dad! Belial, everyone's favorite beast-ina-box, is back in this sensational sequel to the wittily macabre horror series. This time around, Belial and his equally unusual bride are about to discover the perils of parenthood. Following a wild road trip with Granny Ruth (Annie Ross) and her unspeakable family of freaks, the mutant Mrs. Belial delivers a litter of bouncing mini-monsters. But the blessed event turns to a nightmarish ordeal when the police kidnap the little critters, causing Belial to go on a shocking rampage in his new fiendishly-created mechanical body. Crawling with special effects straight out of your wildest nightmares, this cult horror hit is the ultimate for fans of the truly outlandish.