Brain Dead

- 84:07

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The Eunice Corporation is on the ground floor of an exciting growth industry, utilizing a memory re-sculpting technique pioneered by eccentric neurosurgeon Rex Martin (Bill Pullman). It envisions nationwide clinics where anyone can lose the hang-ups of an unhappy childhood, a failed romance or a botched career. At Eunice's "New You" outlets, a simple operation will give customers peace of mind. Or it might leave them brain dead. But when Martin refuses to cooperate with Eunice, he soon finds himself plunged into a surreal existence that intertwines dreams and reality. Director Adam Simon (Carnosaur, TV's Salem) brings together an all-star cast including Bill Paxton (Aliens, Near Dark), Bud Cort (Harold and Maude) and George Kennedy (Cool Hand Luke), with a story by TV's The Twilight Zone writer Charles Beaumont.