Hardware Wars

- 12:54

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Fluke Starbucker (Scott Mathews) must learn to master the power of 'The Farce' with help from Artie Deco, 4-Q-2 (Frank Robertson), Princess Anne-Droid (Cindy Furgatch), Ham Salad (Bob Knickerbocker), and the rest of the Red Eye Knights. In 1978 writer / director Ernie Fosselius (former member of 'The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo') created the very first 'Star Wars' parody, HARDWARE WARS. Complete with cardboard sets and visible wires (holding up ships which were various household appliances), the film was shot over four days with a budget of around $8,000. Now, nearly 50 years later, the original version of this classic short that George Lucas called his 'favorite Star Wars parody' (in a 1999 interview on the UK's The Big Breakfast TV show) has been restored in High Definition for a whole new generation of cult movie fans to discover!