Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2

- 97:03

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If you're a fan of shamelessly vicious female movie villains, you need to take a ride on this Bitch Rocket horror sequel that will blast your ass to a whole new level of sass. Our (Prom) Queen Bitch, Mary Lou, was killed in a freak accident during her crowning moment at prom in 1957 -- And now she's back from the grave 30 years later for revenge! Our protagonist Vicki, who Mary Lou eventually possesses, is an angelic teenage honor student that won't even touch a packet of sugar, and is a cartoonishly stark contrast to the devilish Mary Lou. As worlds + eras (and wardrobes) collide, we get a double dose of boss-bitchin', Doo-Woppin', poodleskirtin' antics that bubble over the cauldron, creating extremely memorable + disturbing scenes within the chaos. It's hard not to root for Mary Lou's character (from both actresses) as she delivers not only some of the best lines, but also impressively creative kills. What makes this film truly epic though, is its sense of humor that acts as a solid backbone to the storyline, along with surprising performances from the leads. To this day, this film still stands strong as one of the rare sequels that far surpasses its namesake predecessor. Stars Lisa Schrage, Wendy Lyon, and as if it couldn't get more fun, Michael Ironside (SCANNERS).