Johnny Firecloud

- 98:49

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Named for (the atomic bomb, Native American Johnny Firecloud (VICTOR MOHICA) returns from Viet Nam to encounter the white-trash bigots controlling his home town. "One of these days I may have to kill that Indian," says the self-loathing sheriff Jesse (DAVID CANARY in a terrific performance) who's running from his homosexual past and is under the devious control of wealthy rancher Colby (RALPH MEEKER) who hates Indians in general and Johnny in particular. So when Colby catches Johnny with his daughter, June (The Stewardesses' CHRISTINA HART), a "drunken little tramp" in love with Firecloud, he whips the bejesus out of Johnny and has him arrested for rape. Worse, Johnny's drunken grandfather, Chief White Eagle (FRANK DE KOVA of TV's f-Troop where he played... Chief White Eagle), sobers up enough to get himself lynched in front of the jail. All of which leads to Johnny busting out of prison and leading a one-man Indian massacre against Colby and company that includes such sadistic fun as putting a bag of rattlers over one man's head, splitting another's skull with a tomahawk, and even that traditional standby, a good old-fashioned scalping...