Laz Rojas - A Family

- 23:22

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Scenes from my drama screenplay "A Family", taken from my One-Man Showcase -- a 1993 production written, performed, directed, produced, and edited by me and in which I portray over 100 characters in 52 scenes. FAMILY01 In 1956, a teenager gets ready for a date with a guy from the wrong side of the tracks and deals with her mother's disapproval. Starring me as Helen Nalefski and Maggie Nalefski. FAMILY02 Marital tension reaches the breaking point when a husband reveals he was laid off from work. Starring me as Billy DeFalco, Chris DeFalco, and Lisa DeFalco. FAMILY03 A man grudgingly visits his estranged father in the hospital after learning he has cancer. Starring me as Chris DeFalco and John DeFalco. FAMILY04 Eighteen years after walking out on his family, a man dying of cancer tries to mend fences with his resentful son. Starring me as Chris DeFalco, John DeFalco, and Lisa DeFalco. FAMILY05 A woman tries to convince her son to visit his estranged, dying father at the hospital before it's too late. Starring me as Chris DeFalco, Lisa DeFalco, and Margaret DeFalco. FAMILY06 A high school basketball coach tries to get through to his star player, whose performance is suffering because of family problems at home. Starring me as Anthony Chiarelli and Chris DeFalco.