Laz Rojas - A New Life 2

- 23:09

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Scenes from my comedy screenplays "A New Life" and "Hocus-Focus", taken from my One-Man Showcase -- a 1993 production written, performed, directed, produced, and edited by me and in which I portray over 100 characters in 52 scenes. NEWLIFE06 A young woman with no work experience interviews for a job after her best friend recommends her to the boss. Starring me as Sherry Foster, Bob Graham, and Lorna Harper. NEWLIFE07 A young woman and her best friend confront the man who got her pregnant after a one-night stand. Starring me as Frank Fontana, Sherry Foster, Jeff Miller, and Vicki Sanders. NEWLIFE08 On her very first day at a new job, a young woman has a run-in with her supervisor. Starring me as Sherry Foster, Lorna Harper, and Vicki Sanders. FOCUS01 A philandering photographer tries to keep the models he's sleeping with from finding out about each other. Starring me as Rick Conti, Gina Ferrari, Brenda LaSalle, and Pamela Rhodes.