Naughty Nine Girls of Comedy

- 90:40

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Following Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen, another comedy special directed by Night Flight Creator Stuart S. Shapiro arrives on Night Flight Plus. Nine female standup comics band together in this raucous special recorded at Hollywood's Ivar Theater in December 2004. From Stuart S. Shapiro: In 2003, Judy Cianciotto asked me to produce and direct a woman’s version of my Comedy’s Dirtiest Dozen. In Los Angeles there was a very healthy “Gang of Girls” on the comedy circuit that were breaking through the male barriers of stand up comedy, so it really presented itself as a viable film project. I filmed The Naughty Nine live with an invited audience in a Hollywood theater. The film was one of those projects that had trouble finding distribution and I am glad to finally get it on Night Flight. There are several jewels of performance. Time Flies but Comedy is Eternal.