Night Flight - Geneva Jacuzzi Lamaze Video Special

- 42:07

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Geneva Jacuzzi is well known for her uncompromisingly obtuse synth-driven pop and one-of-a-kind performance art that is comprised of one time only spectacles and installations. Her works have been presented in famous art institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA, The Broad Museum, Vooruit, Kampnagel, and numerous other venues across the globe. Her videos and live performances depict the shattering of self into a variety of personas, all played by Jacuzzi. Introducing Geneva Jacuzzi's Lamaze Video Special. From Geneva Jacuzzi herself: "Ever see a video materialize into human flesh? Its not a pretty picture. It takes time and money and 12 epic music music videos simultaneously broadcasting life into the first non-dimensional humanoid born in "video-vitro" Set in a Bozzio Bizaro Video Laboratory, Geneva Jacuzzi (a chronic procrastinator/still in video form) was late to the flesh party. Trapped inside a TV screen, she does her best to host the video special while her newly materialized body struggles to come to life. Watch the drama unfold around 12 surreal and colorful music videos from the album "Lamaze"." It's Frankenstien meets Cronenberg meets MTV in the Future Past. And the music is really cool too. Enjoy.