Night Flight - "Heavy Metal Heroes" and "New Film and Video"

- 50:38

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Two back-to-back classics in one from the Night Flight vault. First up- Night Flight teamed up with Hit Parader magazine in the mid-80s for the series "Heavy Metal Heroes". This installment features legends like W.A.S.P., Triumph and Accept along with cult-favorite also-rans Vandenberg, Raven and Van-Zant. Next on deck is a spotlight on Eighties movie soundtrack tie-in videos! Late greats David Bowie and Glenn Frey both make a showing with their hits from "Falcon and The Snowman" and "Beverly Hills Cop" respectively. A rare cut from "Porky's Revenge" by Dave Edmunds, El DeBarge's contribution to the "Last Dragon" soundtrack and a rarely seen video promoting "Amadeus" starring the inimitable David Lee Roth round out the set.