Night Flight - Rockin' Ronnie

- 45:09

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Conceived by the creators of the successful USA cable program "NIGHT FLIGHT," this light-hearted, off-the-wall exposé includes the unlikely supporting cast of Queen Elizabeth, Richard Nixon, Colonel Kaddafi, Yasser Arafat, Jayne Mansfield, Margaret Thatcher, the Ayatollah Khomeini, and many more. America's Leading Man, Ronald Reagan, is the subject of this hilarious, tongue-in-cheeck scrapbook on our most colorful president. ROCKIN' RONNIe takes a deliciously irreverent look at the life and times of America's smiling hero — from smooth-talking actor to silver-tongued politician. Watch the screen as we throw darts at Ronald Reagan "the calvaryman," "the slugger," "the fighter pilot," "the priest," "the sailor," "the football player," "the Fighting Marshall," "the detergent salesman," "the gangster," "the ballroom dancer," and "The Mystery Date. With unforgettable on and off-screen bloopers as well as superb animation and puppetry, ROCKIN' RONNIE exposes Ronald Reagan like no program has ever dared. (45-minutes)