Raging Angels

- 93:40

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Two musicians (Sean Patrick Flanery, "The Boondock Saints" and Monet Mazur, "Monster-in-Law") are unknowingly drawn into a supernatural scheme. Supernatural darkness covers our planet. Invisible demons destroy the youth. The approaching One World Government enslaves mankind. But Generation X is ready to do battle. And when they rip the mask off the One World Government, our heroes come face to face with the Devil himself! Raging Angels is the story of Chris (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Lila (Monet Mazur), two young rock musicians struggling to survive in Los Angeles. But things change when world-famous rock legend, Colin Grammercy (Michael Pare) chooses Lila to be a singer in his band. Colin becomes a spokesman for the Coalition for World Unity. The Coalition and its millions of followers work to establish one world I government. The coalition is headed by Megan Demerit (Arielle Dombasle) who is under secret orders, Little do Chris and Lila know the danger of the supernatural battle they must face!