The Adult Version of Jeckyl & Hide

- 91:25

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Jekyll and Hyde get a sex change! When slimy stud Dr. Chris Leeder (Jack Buddliner) takes possession of Dr. Jekyll's ancient notebook, he quickly becomes obsessed with the murderous sex crimes of the original Mr. Hide. Ignoring the notebook's warning that the Jekyll and Hyde formula "makes people appear as they really are," the demented doc mixes the potion and promptly turns into..."Miss Hyde" (Jane Tsentas), a sexy blonde in a mini-skirt who just happens to be a homicidal nymphomaniac! After enjoying a lesbian romp with Leeder's secretary (legendary skinflick starlet Rene Bond), and the sadistic slaughter of a drunken sailor (ouch!), Miss Hide decides to pay a visit to Leeder's fiancee (Jennifer Brooks) and permanently cancel the wedding. Gender-bending adult horror, THE ADULT VERSION OF JEKYLL AND HIDE is another outrageous classic from the Mighty Monarch of Sexploitation, producer David F. Friedman!