The Girls from Thunder Strip

- 120:36

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Simply put, it's male bikers vs. female bootleggers. And if that ain’t a perfect example of drive-in-style High Concept, nothing is! With a cast that reads like a Who’s Who of Sixties exploitation. The Girls from Thunder Strip is also one of the very first films to exploit the biker craze that came in the wake of German’s The Wild Angels the same year. But in the hands of director DAVID L HEWITT (who would dazzle the world three years later with The Mighty Gorga), the result is... well, rather disturbing. With the bikers played as psycho killers, and the backwoods beauties played for laughs, the end result feels like a rollicking, family-style action/comedy... with two rapes and ten murders. All to jovial banjo music. It’s a rather unexpectedly cruel collision of genres. Sort of like Hee-Haw with death.