The Scott & Gary Show: Ben Vaughn and Aldo Jones (April 1989)

- 59:26

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Scott & Gary thought it proper to start inviting back some of their favorite guests to see how they were and what they were up to. Well, the talented Mr. Vaughn was up to mucho. He drove his ‘67 Rambler into the audience’s hearts singing songs about love gone not-too-good, love gotten better, dumping your lover and keeping your lover forever. And then something about France and Jerry Lewis. Providing the sensitive accompaniment was the delicate Aldo “Powderhead” Jones. Besides espousing on the finer points of ballet, there is concrete video evidence of Jim Morrison still living and episode III of "Flying Man." Since Ben was in a rush to leave after the show, Scott was able to catch him for a little chat on the fly. That’s right; the interview took place in the men’s room. Don’t mind those folks in the back using the urinal. And how did that woman pee standing up?