Visitors From The Arkana Galaxy

- 88:54

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A truly gonzo Croatian sci-fi / fantasy / comedy about a struggling writer named Robert who dreams up a story of gold-skinned alien androids named Andra, Targo and Ulu from a distant planet. Incredibly, his fictional alien creations become reality, causing chaos in his relationship with his girlfriend Biba and threatening his small seaside village. The alluring lead robot Andra looks like H.R. Giger re-designed the Maschinenmensch from Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS. But nothing rivals the Mumu Monster -- created for the film by legendary Czech animator Jan Švankmajer --, a rubber-suited, multi-tentacled creation that destroys a wedding party, ripping off heads and spouting plumes of toxic green smoke while a blind accordion player blithely plays his squeezebox. VISITORS was a rare live-action feature from animator Dusan Vukotic (1927-1998), best known for his stunning UPA-style cartoon shorts including "Cow On The Moon" (1959) and the Oscar-winning "The Substitute" (1961). This long-unavailable genre treat has been newly restored in 4K by Deaf Crocodile and Zagreb Film.