Wesley Willis - The Daddy of Rock 'n' Roll

- 58:50

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"God gave me this rock career to keep me busy. Back in 1991 I used to hit old people with folding chairs. Suddenly, I moved to the north side of Chicago, Illinois in 1992. It made a rock star out of me at last. I'm the daddy of rock 'n' roll! I'm Wesley Willis, I'm 36 years old. I play music and do art. I have schizophrenia. I have chronic schizophrenia. Roger Lee Carpenter asked me for $600. He told me that if I don't give him $600, he was going to blow my brains out. That's when I started hearing demons. I have three demons: Nervewrecker, Heartbreaker, and Meansucker....I yell, I scream, I holler at people on buses"